RTSP once click playback on your desktop or laptop using VLC

So using the Wyze custom firmware available from Wyze to add RTSP video transmission features, I was able to create a BATCH file using VLC to view the streams. There are several advantages of RTSP stream viewing, most specifically, it doesn’t burn up your data as the stream is local on your private network.

To make this work, install the RTSP firmware from Wyze, Install VLC on your desktop computer and test it by playing a video of any format locally to you. Then create a batch file following this format…

“C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” rtsp://bluemartin:bluemartin@

This example is for my own specific Wyze V3 camera and yours will vary depending on how you set up your RTSP option that will appear in your Wyze App once you have RTSP firmware installed on your camera.

I don’t know why Wyze doesn’t include the RTSP option in the stock firmware. It’s really enhances access to the video feed and at no cost to your internet package data!

To use this command in the batch file, simply replace this text in the line:
with whatever the RTSP address is given by the Wyze APP once you set up RTSP on your camera.

I keep my Bird and Animal cams constantly streaming to my desktop 24/7 with the RTSP firmware and it does not use any of my internet data in the process.

A side note, the MicroSD card can be 32 or 64 Gig but the card must be formatted Fat32 only or the camera does not see the rom file and install it.

Wyze app streaming is also from the camera directly to your device. The only time your stream leaves your local network is if you, or someone you shared a camera with, views the stream from outside your network.


As noted by @Newshound , neither does the regular, normal Wyze app, just with ordinary non-RTSP firmware. There is effectively no Internet bandwidth consumed when you are viewing cameras on the same network. You can use the Wyze app or, as I do, the TinyCam app running 24/7 streaming many cameras. No batch files, no command line crafting, not even any ports or IP addresses.

Admittedly, doing it to a desktop is a bit harder.

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