We really must have an option for a higher fps cam

Are there ANY plans for Wyze to come up with a either a new pro camera with a high fps rate for both night and day? Of, course, much better would be to have an option to increase the fps for the current v3 and OG cameras… If the cam plus is an issue (too expensive to support the extra storage required) you can have a pro version of the service.
My family keeps getting totally unusable recordings of people who cross our yard, or do other stuff that we need to track down, but the face snapshots are completely unusable.
That is mostly NOT because of the resolution, but because of the targets being in motion. 10fps at night and 20fps in daylight - it will never cut it.

Despite the investment that we made in the system we’re starting to consider switching away to another vendor, should such functionality not be planned for some time SOON.



FPS will definitely help with this, but it’s not just that. Part of the problem is also the intense compression and low bitrate.

I understand that Wyze is concerned about bandwidth use, both for their own cloud costs, as well as users with bad internet complaining the camera doesn’t work, when the problem is actually just their bad internet. This is the same problem with almost every company…it’s not just Wyze. So I know they keep the compression high and bit rate low and lower FPS for all these reasons. But I would like for them to make at least one camera that offers better FPS, better bitrate and lower compression so that the video is way better, maybe even if that is limited to just recording locally like to the SD card or something.

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I have a Dash Cam that will record at 24 FPS, 30 FPS, 60 FPS and 120 FPS to the SD cards, no cloud recordings. Some of those recording rates will make a 512 GB SD card full after breakfast and a snack. :upside_down_face:


Hi, sure, these are valid points- but manageable.
I happen to have worked in this field about 10 years ago and what I’m asking for was already supported at the time. I was dealing with security camera selection and customization for our security system product.

Bottom line, it is totally doable with H.264, or, better still, with H.265 and medium compression.
To get an idea, have a look at this calculator: Surveillance Storage Calculator | Seagate US

Really, the only issue here is camera cost. You won’t stay in the v3 price range with 1080 video and 30 or higher fps. You basically jump beyond USD100 retail. BUT, that’s fine- that’d be the professional range of cameras. But I guess that Wyze would have to make a call on whether there’s a market for such pro line. I trust that there is.

I’d love to hear from anyone at Wyze. If this is not being planned for next year, I will likely switch to a more professional option. Cheers


I agree! I know they have talked about moving toward having multiple tiers of cameras:
Entry Level

I would definitely expect them to keep having affordable entry-level cameras for those looking for that, but they could still increase things for a more pro line like you said.

That Video Storage Calculator was pretty cool. Since I get almost exactly 2 weeks of storage on a 128GB card on a V3 Cam, This is about right, though slightly too high on the storage estimate:

So I am guessing that Wyze’s video quality is slightly lower than the minimum level on this estimator in order to get a whole 14 days of video onto a 128GB card (and save cloud costs).


A pro option like this, would be a really nice improvement, even if it costs more:

I wouldn’t buy several dozen of those, because of the cost, but but I would love those in specific places that are really important.

Thanks for sharing the calculator.

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You’re welcome and what you wrote here are exactly my thoughts as well:

I’m honestly not holding my breath, given the current economy. I’m giving it until spring, at which point I may jump ship. Or until there’s some big time sale for competitor systems.


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There is also network bandwidth limitation. Most Wyze cameras only support 2.4Ghz radio band WiFi. This radio band has the range but not speed. If you have 10+ cameras, you going hit traffic jam.

Alternatively, 5Ghz WiFi has the speed, but not the range. To really support higher resolution and/or FPS, you want Ethernet (even better with POE) for stable connection.

Correct. I didn’t mention that because it was really understood in my mind… lol.
Yes, the cameras that we worked with in that project at my company use 5GHz.
Well, all the heavyweight cams out there do. As for PoE - I understand that that it is quasi supported in the v3’s, if I recall correctly. Check youtube for a couple of videos that theorize on that. Worst case, we should have a port that allows us to do PoE by making use of an external adapter.
There is also another option of pseudo PoE.

Anyway, 5GHz is a must, but that automatically adds the cost of the additional radio. Furthermore, if you add the cheapest SoC doing dual WiFi, with a poor 1x1, you’ll have even worse range issues and that will get the vendor to increased support costs, as you’d need to also provide a repeater option, or, a mesh WiFi router option.

Yeah, not simple, but all this is normally second nature to an ODM.
OK, I’ll stop here. I hope that Wyze could chime in to advise if there is any hope wrt any of the above, for any time soon.


I agree with 5GHz and PoE as ideal updates in this case, however, not really because of Bandwidth concerns…

The 2.4GHz band isn’t as much of a limitation as most people dramatize it out to be as far as bandwidth is concerned. It still handles speeds of around 200-300Mbps in practice (theoretically up to 450Mbps), which really isn’t a limitation unless you get up to 100-150 Wyze cams all trying to live stream at the exact same time on a single router with limited resources and a poorly implemented standard. If they’re not all livestreaming at the exact same time, the 2.4GHz band can actually handle exponentially more and be totally fine as long as the router’s internals and protocols are sufficient. And that’s not even taking mesh routers into account. If we assume we’re talking about Mesh router, then the 2.4GHz band could handle hundreds all at the same time and be totally fine if it’s a decent router with a decent backhaul, good protocol, good internal resources (ram, processor), good programming, etc. The 2.4GHz band really isn’t a huge problem as far as limitations go. It’s more than capable for Smart Cameras and Smart home stuff in general for any reasonable residential use. I’ve had over 40 cameras on 2.4GHz without any problems. I’ve even had the majority of them streaming all at the same time on my router through Docker Wyze Bridge and Tiny Cam with no problems. No, the 2.4GHz bandwidth limitation isn’t really something that matters, despite what many people think. It’s fine, How many people have 40+ cameras streaming simultaneously? Again, I say that with tons of experience and testing it…2.4GHz doesn’t have a big bandwidth limitation for smart home IoT use. (Gaming, Computers, and TV is another story).

The main problem is not the bandwidth limitation, but the over-saturation and signal interference from others (ie: neighbors, etc), especially since it broadcasts comparatively far. That’s the main problem.

Still, the point about 2.4GHz is still pretty good. It would be better to have PoE as an option, and a pro cam would certainly function better with 5GHz as an option. It does have a wider band, faster communication, lower latency, etc. I like that Wyze has been adding 5GHz to the most recent pro cams. I would expect they would continue to offer that if they increased the video quality on a future camera.

But they should definitely add PoE if they are going to increase the video quality/bit rate.

Those are great suggestions that go hand in hand with the topic. Keep adding 5GHz for higher video quality cams, and consider PoE.

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I didn’t expand on my 2.4GHz agreement to another comment.
2.4GHz’s main issue is interference - it is way more prone to it than the 5GHz. With that being said, it handles range much better.
At this point, I can’t place a v3 at the far end of my house due to interference from the neighbour. So the better range doesn’t help. So, yes, that’s where PoE would work best.

If anyone has some time on his/her hands and is interested in trying a v3 PoE hack, here are two links that you can use:

Anyone up to trying this out? I don’t have the time for sure. I barely have time to keep up with this ever expanding thread :slight_smile:

Several forum users are running POE to their cams. Lots of good reading and references here:


The main issue with wi-fi on any frequency band is usually poor implementation and lack of understanding about how flexible it can actually be in difficult environments.

‘Mesh’ is the cure-all buzz tech solution but you couldn’t pay me to recommend a mesh system for a wi-fi camera in a congested environment. Just more trash from more directions to contend with.

Access points (both wired and wireless) combined with selective channelization can navigate some pretty bad conditions when properly understood and correctly implemented. They can also usually be easy solutions in most home environments by the homeowner/user.

Find out what channel(s) your neighbor is using and why his signal is more powerful coming from next door than yours is just trying to get down the hallway and your v3 will be just fine.

This little application is the most comprehensive (and free) wi-fi analyzer out here. Period.
Get it. https://analiti.com/

An external antenna is also a simple v3 mod and can work wonders for range and signal strength if wi-fi is the only way. Not always applicable depending on the situation at hand, but for significant improvement in wi-fi performance, they’ve worked quite well for me.

Otherwise, the wz_mini_hacks USB/POE/ETH solution is the way to go for a wired solution…, or even a POE wireless one for that matter. Pretty much the only Windows friendly Wyze hack out there – and doesn’t touch the onboard OEM Wyze firmware.

Get it, too.

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It would be nice if Wyze has cameras with better resolution/fps. But since Wyze being known for selling cameras at competitive price, I doubt we will ever see one because of the added costs.

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Desperate for a 60 FPS Wyze. Have 9 Wyze 20-30 FPS cams. My 30 FPS OG and V3 lenses were too slow to identify a perpetrator. Vandal seemed to know he could go right through the field of view of both fast enough to not hide his face.Image blurred. Police said both the OG and V3 night images of the criminal were worthless. Even if the camera took and recorded only 20-30 of the 60 frames per second, you would have 20-30 of the 1/60th second images that were usable by police. Storing only 20-30 images would use the same data volume as current Wyze cams. . A 60 FPS is worth paying $100-$200 if it integrates with my Wyze system.
Not having a 60 fps cost me $5000.

Believing a $30 hobby camera would ensure usable visual evidence of a crime is what cost you $5000.

with the utmost respect I urge you dump them find somebody else if you rely on them for home security to secure your family to secure yourself dump him faster than you can I have been with them since 2017 all they do is charge more give you less they do not care about you your family they care about the bottom line local company or not does not mean a thing they do not care they do not listen they do not take advice they are absolutely deserve it and by no means am I supposed person but any other camera any other security out there I am an anti-spokesperson for wise I do suggest you look at Amazon and do diligence do your research and you’ll find their cheaper and better out there again I am no spokesperson for any other camera security company or anything of the sport but I am an anti-spokesperson for whye only looking out for my fellow Americans and their safety and their family safetythey mow stoled me form voicing my opinion I’ve been cut off now this is the only spot I can find to speak

With great respect, do you have a solution to add?