WyzeCam Ethernet Data Adapter

A Wyzecam Ethernet adapter similar to https://store.google.com/us/product/ethernet_adapter_for_chromecast?hl=en-US
would be a great addition to us who want it hardwired.

Gosh, this would be a wonderful solution to the “buffering” message I frequently received.

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And useful to those not wanting to hog up bandwidth from other wifi devices.

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Bonus points if this adapter can be powered via PoE and negate the need for both WiFi and a separate USB power adapter.


honestly this would be so cool one wire provides connection and power, imo this would also be a must for an outdoor camera because of thick exterior walls.

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@Loki i noticed that there is another Ethernet request on the road map can you merge them please?

This is my biggest concern in moving one of my cameras.



Thanks for bringing this up. However, if this is the ethernet topic you refer to, they are not the same. This one is about data over ethernet and that one is about power over ethernet.

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The Wyze cams have a USB A port on the back.
Why can not these cams thus support an wired Ethernet connection via a USB A to Ethernet adapter, like one I use for my laptop?

I get why Wyze will not add 5ghz wifi support or a actual RJ45 jack to the unit, it cost too much to change the hardware and upgrade the internals. But this idea of utilizing the current on board usb port would just require some firmware programing would it not? to make use of it in such a fashion. I have seen and used some other networking devices (some drop in firewall/security as well as streaming devices) that have support for using USB Ethernet adapter for such purposes.

My one issue with Wyze cam, is only 2.4ghz wifi support. These, cheap but good quality cams are perfect for an apartment dweller like me. But there are 70+ 2.4ghz wifi in range and that makes using these cams very difficult. Each one is stationary, and I can easily run a Ethernet cable to. Realy would like a wired option to make the cams work reliably.

Power and data over the current usb micro connector, like how Chromecast U does, it could also work. But again, that means that Wyze would have to make a new and special power adapter.


WiFI connectivity is great. Love it with my cameras.

I would like a Wyze camera that can be connected via ethernet. Wifi is great, until it stops working, for whatever reason. Ethernet is more secure. Yes, it is more of a pain to get wired up, but once it is wired up, it’s fast and reliable.

I realize you have other issues on your plates right now. But I would really like to see this in the future. In my mind (feeble as it is), adding an ethernet port to a camera shouldn’t be a huge deal.

Thank you for the consideration.


I don’t think that’s possible with the current hardware. Could be a good selling point in future models, maybe.

They could do a lot with that USB port. $20 camera or you can get add ons with it for $10 more and make the camera you want.
Lets say you could get a USB to Ethernet Adapter, Zigbee Adapter, A huge wifi antenna for outdoor use, 5ghz band, etc.

Like I said, I don’t think any of that is possible with the current hardware, but maybe in future revisions.

One can dream :upside_down_face:

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Our plan (at a high school campus) was to add about 40 Wyze camera’s to our existing Axis camera system. But the WiFi Wyze Cam V2 is just NOT stable enough (on RTSP) to be considered dependable. If you would make a Wyze Cam Commercial version with POE and native RTSP support. Wyze would RULE the surveillance market.


Ethernet support in a v3 or even a separate model would be nice as an alternative to Wi-Fi.

Ethernet with POE support would be even nicer.


Loki, In the referenced POE article, the OP actually references using data over ethernet, in addition to POE. So in reality, these really are one in the same and should be considered for merge.

Blockquote “And obviously, makes it less complicated to use ethernet over WiFi.”

I didn’t ask for POE i asked for Ethernet data support.

I got some more Wyze cams for Christmas but unfortunately they do not work as expected where I want to replace my old (wired) ethernet connected cameras. Wish there was data ethernet support for Wyze cams to help me out with my situation. I would agree changing the hardware is not the best for this option as it would be expensive and would take a lengthy process to make it actually happen. So, I would like to see an option to convert the existing USB port on the back of existing Wyze cams into an ethernet data connection for those of us that need/want it.

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Adding my vote to this as well, I’ll buy the Ethernet to micro usb adaptor, no problem. Just do whatever firmware adjustment is needed to make it happen, getting data over usb either the USB-A port or the Micro USB port.


This would be yet another great addition to the cameras if PoE could be performed, and honestly that would encourage me to buy even more cameras. I do have a couple cameras setup outside already but like others have said the WiFi is not that great. I am actually about to setup my own network rack and run ethernet all over the house, it would be great to run it to the cameras as well but that will probably be a future project. Either way Wyze you guys are doing a great job, keep it up.

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This really should be a easy accessory to implement. A simple usb network adapter to plug into the usb port or ideally a POE network adapter would be even better.

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Something ide really like to see with Wyze and honestly the biggest feature ide want is this.

USB hardwired adapter for the cameras. Allow yourself to pick a USB to rj45 adapter support that device only I’ll buy it plug it into the back of the camera and boom it’s harwired network. I know it’s not Poe and that’s ok!

I can use a poe breakout adapter.

Ide like to see this work in conjunction with RTSP that works brilliantly but the issue is WiFi can’t handle the load.

You made a brilliant webcam adapter firmware that means you can do this.