Ethernet connection to V3 cam?

Has anyone found a way to hack in an Ethernet connection to a V2 or V3 cam?
I have a location that does not get wifi, but has a Cat5 cable, and would like to use a V3 there.

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Both are wifi only…maybe put an AP at that location using your Cat5.


There was supposed to be an Ethernet / PoE adapter for the V3 by now?

Obviously you could also use that Ethernet run to end in a tiny wireless AP (like a router) and enable the WyzeCam that way. That would work for any WiFi camera.

Oh, that’s what WildBill already said. Apologies.




There is a hack for V2 WyzeCams: USB to Ethernet adapter - how to setup · Issue #1176 · EliasKotlyar/Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks · GitHub

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Holy moley @sysop thanks so much. Apparently the info is years old. It certainly puts the lie to claims the V2’s USB isn’t as capable as the V3’s. This kind of changes everything for those of us with V2s who’d like to use PoE adapters. We can do power AND data! Not to mention eliminating WiFi strength and reliability issues. Wow.

Edit: The relevant wishlist:

Keep in mind, using the DaFang firmware means you can’t use the Wyze app for the camera.


Yep. Thus my pondering there…

Probably not…the config file in DaFang is on the SD card and can be easily edited. DaFang boots from the SD card. Alas, Wyze RTSP boot is from internal storage on the camera which seems to be inaccessible.

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Well easily is as easily does. Barring good encryption, an enterprising individual might be able to patch something in to the flash image.

Anything is possible, I suppose. Someone would need to decompile the flash image to see what’s there and then modify things. Seems like way too much effort to me.

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Wow, sysop, thank you for that interesting info.
After researching photos of the internal works of the V2 and V3, I see that while V2 appeared to have serial port connections on the MCU board (maybe only on older versions!), V3 does not (and everything inside is incredibly compressed). So my thought of a physical hack would be limited to the older cameras, becoming less interesting. Likewise, for the wired adapters cited in the defang-hacks discussions, given the lack of USB port on V3,
So I will go back to trying to remember how I had set up my Zyxel MWR102 which several years ago I had successfully working as an adapter (powered from POE) in a similar situation.

Ethernet connection for Wyze cam 3

Is there a way to provide a direct ethernet connection to the camera I would much prefer this over wifi?

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Negative. Only 2.4 ghz wifi for connectivity.

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The v3 camera seem to have usb-ethernet driver built-in. The software just doesn’t seem to use it - i.e. send dhcp request or direct any traffic to it. It will be great to have the usb-ethernet port enabled - hopefully this will not require a lot of work on developer’s part.

Not sure what you mean by this. Isn’t its primary physical connection USB? It’s via an unusual cable adapter but it’s still USB.

Also, on the main subject, where the heck is the official Ethernet over USB for V3? Wasn’t it supposed to arrive long ago?

I would love to put a V3 in my chicken coop. I did try with my existing camera, but it wouldn’t pick up the wifi signals, even with an extra booster. So that ended up on my back porch (which was helpful because I got to record all the delivery people leaving pkgs and taking my little freebie snacks).
I currently have a baby monitor in the coop, but it doesn’t cover much width. So wish the V3 had a usb cable (and long enough to reach the 100’ length) that could be wired to the computer instead of wifi.
What about using the same tech as in the baby monitor and cordless phones?

So instead of a WiFi booster, just attach a cheap access point (or cheap router in AP mode) to the end of a 100 foot Ethernet cable and you’ll get what you want in your coop.

That connector is 5VDC power, only.

Hmm, that’s a thought. Has anyone tried that with a Wyze camera?