We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

Are they eliminating all motion detection and just recording AI person detection for CPL?

No. It’s Person events and all other motion events. If you’re familiar with legacy Person Detection, nothing has changed other than the service is available to a wider range of cam types.


Thank you so much for the reply! Do you have any idea how this will work with WCO? I am under the impression that you can not use the local recording feature of WCO with Cam plus, will this limitation still be in effect for CPL?

I just received an email from Wyze: “If you’re using local storage, the Event has a button that will take you directly to the appropriate timestamp on the microSD card so you can see the full Event using local storage.”

So hopefully this will work if i don’t opt in. I would hate to lose local storage and I need motion detection on this cam more then person detection.

I tried to enter $0 for the Cam Plus lite and it did not proceed to payment. Gwens post states that $0 is accepted so why did mine not work?

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$0 is an acceptable payment as Gwen posted, what are you experiencing when you enter $0

@Seapup posted this when you enter 0

If you replace the prepopulated “$” with a “0” and submit, a recommended amount based on your eligible cams will be displayed in a pop-up.

So basically, remove the $ sign and enter 0 then submit.

Comparison Chart of the Differences:

(EDIT: sorry, meant for this to be a general reply, not specifically to MtnMan)


So what is happening is that for the payment of $0 it accepted it after several attempts but then I got a pop up stating " based on the number of cameras you have $1.48 per month would be a fair price". I have 3 cameras, so paying $0.00 is not in fact acceptable contrary to the post perhaps if you only have 1 camera.

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I use some of my Wyze Cams to detect and view wildlife, not people. How will the change affect this? Will 12-second clips of wildlife motion still be stored in the cloud? Thank you

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I’m not sure. I have a WCO set up under Cam Plus Lite but won’t be able to test it out until tomorrow.

You have two options (buttons) at that point. If you don’t wish to contribute, choose the button to not contribute.

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SD Event recording has a problem.

This is not clear to me, Do I now have to optd in for each camera i have?

If you have Legacy Person Detection, nothing will change. If you have no subscription services applied to your cams, you shouldn’t have to do anything either, although your cams will eventually have the added ability to detect people if you enable the feature. you need to opt in by Feb 15th.

Seapup - Thank you for your reply. I have no subscription service of any kind so I thought I’d lose the 12-second clips if I don’t opt in. The main thing for me is to know when an “event” happened. I can then view it via the SD card. I don’t really need person detection because I use a different system for that. However, I might pay a bit for it to help keep Wyze in business.

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Yikes! You are correct! I apologize… WyzeGwendolyn stated that if you currently have no subscriptions, you need to opt in by Feb 15th. It’s not a hard deadline, but if you don’t opt in by this date, your cams will no longer record 12-sec events to the cloud. If you miss the deadline, just log in the to Services website from a browser, opt-in and assign CPL to your cams via the Wyze app.

Make Sure You Opt In To Keep Cloud Storage On Your Cameras

Starting February 15th, only cameras opted into Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite will have Event video recordings saved to the cloud. Remember, opting into Cam Plus Lite can be at any price, including $0. If you don’t opt in, then we’ll transition your cameras to store thumbnails of what was detected instead of 12 seconds of recorded video. There’s no hard deadline here, you can opt in whenever you’d like, but just remember that Event videos will stop being recorded on February 15th for those who don’t opt in. We will send you lots of reminders.


Received an email earlier today that didn’t mention the “name your price “ and that all of my cameras will automatically update to Cam Plus Lite…

In light of this post will my cameras still update automatically…?

Please elaborate… what cam type? Which SD recording option do you have set? I’m not seeing a problem with SD Event recording on v2 and v3 cams with continuous recording set. :thinking:

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In the 1st post of this thread:

What if I’m already on a Name Your Price plan?

If you already went through the Name Your Price process last year all your cameras will be automatically upgraded to Cam Plus Lite at your current contribution, including those who paid $0. Note that Cam Plus Lite makes newer camera models eligible, so if you want Person Detection on those cameras as well, you just need to flip the Person Detection toggle under Services in your Account tab. This is rolling out slowly, so it make take a few days for you to see the option.