We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

So you saying everyone shouldn’t speak up? Wyze needs to hear from its users. The cam plus thing is dumb. For every complaining customer there are like 10 more that just say F this and do move on.
The plus thing should be one price for all and a free slimmed version like cam lite.


Did you not read the comment from another user stating he tried to put 0? But has 3 cams so was told that 1.50 or something like that was fair. It wouldnt let him put $0. Your way of thinking and attitude is part of the reason companies like this think they can do this bs. Like @ rdelp68 said. Most users wont even bother to speak up. They will just move on to another company. As I most likely will. So instead of Wyze seeing that this is unacceptable. They will just tank because the lost all of their customers. There are just too many companies out there to allow Wyze to screw us. And thats exactly what this is. They sell a bunch of cameras with the promise of web viewing, and free cloud storage. And then after they have sold alot of units. They take back a big part of why they were sold in the first place. And force its costumers who are already invested in their products, to now pay for its use. Without web viewing and cloud storage, these things are almost trash. Sure I can put sd cards in them. As I already have. But if I have a break in and they steal the cams, well that was pointless.

When it comes down to it. This boils down to a company who made promises to get customers. Then after getting its costumers. Ignored the promises it made thinking that its costumers are too invested in its products to discontinue and buy a competing brand.
They are wrong.

And you are right. They arent perfect. They are actually kinda cruddy in terms of video quality. So price is actually terrible for what we are about to get now. Which is nothing but grainy video on a sd card. OR a stolen camera with no way to see who stole it.

But hey, theres one born everyday. Some people can get screwed and be convinced they like it.


Deep breath folks. 9/10 of people complaining have obviously not read and/or can’t comprehend that nothing really is changing if you type in $0.00. I did just that. I may pay once it’s up and running. It’s actually better than it was when they finally enable person detection.

Your complaint stat is meaningless because common sense says that most people that arrive on a message board are those with complaints. So yes, you will see problems discussed here.


Just to clarify that statement, can you post a copy or link to this lifetime “promise of free cloud storage” you believe you received when you bought your cameras? I have bought cameras from Wyze but don’t recall any such package of lifetime benefits, but the rest of us including me would like to know if we did or should have gotten what you say you got.
Thank you.

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Good catch, I missed that on the slide. On the audio he explained it correctly and the big comparison chart had it correct too, I missed that mistype on the individual slide though because I was just skimming and got tunnel vision on the SD card skipping feature. :slight_smile:


Just some sourced facts for added perspective. Carry on.

Type Count Note As of Source
Wyze Users 6.3M+ 5M+ plus 1.3M 10/06/21 Customer email
Cam Plus Subs     .3M+ 01/21/22 Customer email *
Forum User Names     .1M+ 02/09/22 Forum stats †

* Two emails with same stats: 11/8/21 & 1/21/22
Available here: https://forums.wyze.com/u








Welcome to the community and your first and second posts.
I did a quick word search on this discussion and couldn’t find any post saying that but maybe I missed it. **

Did you try to put in $0? Did it not let you put in $0?


I’ve borrowed a camera from someone else - for a week as I’m out of town - to add to my setup of 10 active cameras (some of them with full CamPlus).

Will the other party be able to sign up for CamPlus Lite? She has no cameras active in her account, and when getting her camera back, it’ll need to be added as a ‘new device’.

No worries, there is no deadline for Cam Plus Lite enrollment, so, yes, she will be able to sign up for Cam Plus Lite whenever she is ready to do so, and for whatever price she feels like.

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Long read (not worked through all comments), but what is the Feb 15 deadline then for???

You need to opt into the new Cam Plus Lite, for a price of your choice (including $0), to keep getting the 12s video events in your app. If you do not, you’ll only have thumbnail images for events, and will need to use an SD card for any video storage.


Feb 15th deadline is when the Text and Thumbnail only option launches as a default (especially for those who have asked not to have cloud recordings anymore).

So if you haven’t enrolled in Cam Plus Lite by Feb 15th, you’ll be converted to continue to get notifications, but only a thumbnail of an event will be stored in the events page, and you can link to the location of that event on your SD card instead of having those events in the cloud.

BUT, anyone will still be allowed to enroll in Cam Plus Lite any time after Feb 15th if they change their minds and decide they now want it instead of just text and thumbnail notifications.

I hope that make sense. Using the word deadline has confused some people…you can still enroll after that, that’s just the date the Text and Thumbnail option is scheduled to be implemented by default…so sign up before then and you won’t have a gap in your cloud storage functionality.


Thank you!
That made it clearer (I was out of the country when all this came about so not yet caught up on mail and messages).


I don’t understand why this Person Detection notifications is such a big deal? To me motion is motion whether its a human or a fox stealing eggs or a person or the dog walking through my living room.

Can you show me where it says its limited or due to expire? The way it was sold was it came with the camera and was a package deal. And if you wanted more than 12 seconds, then you would have to pay for pro. But carry on with your condescension. You clearly work for them in some capacity. So make it sense.

I like seeing other animals and stuff on several of my cams too. :slight_smile:

But I also see how this benefits other people for certain use cases because it isn’t always something alive triggering the motion. Change in lighting can trigger it, shadows, plants or leaves, dust in the wind, fog, mist, bugs (which is really bad for some people), and while some people DO want to see videos of animals, some don’t. For example, I have multiple cats. If all my cameras alerted to any motion, I would have hundreds of notifications all day long and notifications about a delivery guy dropping off a package on my porch would get drowned out by the 6 dozen cat notifications or my bushes blowing in the wind or something.

Person detection is certainly not needed for a lot of people, but it is a nice option for some other people too. So Wyze allows people to choose their preference. :+1: Also, if you are looking for a specific event, it is convenient to have them labeled and easy to find.


I cannot comprehend why I’m not seeing more out there having the same issues as me, new 3s, older (to me) v3s, and a pan cam v2 here don’t give me any person detections via “cam plus lite”. Mid December when allowed to legacy PD I had via v2s… theywere working. Then after I added a few more v3s, the service thru legacy PD (camplus “lite”) just stopped- once the forced camplus trial expires, they are muted even when added to lite. If I add the cams as they are now without touching settings, to one of my 4 pain camplus plans, they work fine, add them back toi lite and they are muted.
I have contacted customer service, they stopped responding without a resolution short to “they’re working on it”… two weeks ago. I saw a wyze employee on a FB group say the same, around that time. If in 4 days, this is supposed to be instituted across the board, how can it be when some people (ME) are having these issues with zero person detection? (BTW yes my settings are straight, I install cams for others and am very aware of settings and all).
I’m waking up every morning hopeful, but am honestly wondering why this isn’t being addressed. Or at least why not issue 1 month plans for camplus for all those affected, until they decide to get these issues addressed. Can we get the show on the road, here?!

I Did Try to put in $0. And No it did NOT let me. The “next” button is just grayed out. I have a screen shot of it if one needs proof. I also have a screen shot of when I clicked $1, instead of proceeding. It just asked for more money

There are other people experiencing that person detection issue. It is a known issue Wyze is working on. There is just nothing that can be done about it but wait. In the meantime, the cloud events continue to work as they always have, so we’re just waiting on the update from the devs for the new feature to start working.

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I would try again. When it first launched it had a little bug for a very short time that required something weird like adding a dollar sign before the 0 or something like that as I recall, but it was fixed fairly quickly. If you try again, select the custom button and enter 0 again and it should go through. If problems are still occurring, please contact support and they will help correct it or get it setup for you the way you want. :+1:


(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.
Open for support between 4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.