We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

Yes, this is being actively worked on and one step of it is currently in public beta testing (so we’re all free to discuss it as there is no NDA).

They haven’t linked geo-fencing to the HMS yet, but they said it is being worked on and will be released soon.

I tested out the new geo-fencing with turning some things on and off already based on whether I was home or away. That was pretty cool. I am hoping they will expand it to also track my wife’s and daughter’s phones so we can have things happen based on whether everyone is gone or anyone home, not just based on my phone… But it’s an exciting first step and a cool thing to have. I look forward to their continued progress with it!

It’s in the Home Monitoring Settings directly under Hub Settings. It disappears for me, but I can see it and click in before the page fully loads.

Awesome! Thanks for the update @carverofchoice.

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I wonder when critical alerts on iOS are going to finally start working…

@Newshound I just installed my motion sensor that arrived with my home monitoring starter kit and don’t recall seeing this advice or illustration in the documentation that came with it - since my 25 pound terrier keeps trigger it, I will try repositioning in this way. Thanks for sharing!

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Hey friends,

Our teams have been actively reading and building upon everything that’s been discussed here so far. We’re excited to continue making Wyze Home Monitoring even better as time goes on.

As our thanks, we’ve randomly selected five responses to win a year of Wyze Home Monitoring Service on us! Congratulations to the following winners: @CherGal @saeefamily4 @Beeby @ntropy21 @Bmax :tada:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback about HMS with us, everyone! We appreciate you all for being part of the Wyze Community.


Thank you for posting the results.

I do in fact believe that the results were randomly selected since at least one of those selections wasn’t even really about the HMS as was requested :slight_smile: Though honestly that totally lends credibility to the fact that who was picked and “won” was indeed fairly random, so thank you for your follow-through! We appreciate you reading through the suggestions and working on many of them, that was the main point of our participation here, and with some of the recent changes, and things in development it seems like a positive success.

If I can add input it would be to create a water proof sensor for like a bathroom window, I have 2 bathrooms, 1 has a window. Maybe the V2 door/windows sensor can just be modified with a gasket. It’s the only area where wyze slipped with home monitoring. I know is been said but we need to be able to share the system with another person/spouse. Even with the countdown and deactivating it noonlight still freaks out and start texting and calling while I’m at work, can’t be paying attention constantly to deactivate the alarm when each of my family members arrive.:person_facepalming:

Thanks to Wyze for this giveaway and for the genuine interest in our opinions about the home security system. We all appreciate the opportunity to share our feedback and to see the system improve because of it. Wyze is a great company with great products and a huge future.

Thank you!


I know this is asking for feedback from people who have the HMS but thought I’d share why I will not buy it.
The biggest reason I have not purchased the HME is because it lacks cellular backup. If the internet goes down, which often happens at my location, I am left with an unsecure home. Totally defeats the purpose of a security system IMO.

Wyze addressed this issue in an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit:

My understanding is that the vast majority of people who have cellular backup hardware don’t even pay to activate it, and so the market for it is actually quite small, but it requires adding expensive equipment that the majority of customers will never use or want, especially those in this market who usually look to Wyze as the most affordable and low cost offerings with a strategy of low margins + high volume.

The small percentage who do want it is far smaller than those who would rather have a cheaper system. There are some ways a person can implement their own DIY cellular backup options for this (discussed in other threads) including some options that could probably be free for a small amount of monthly data for the rare occasion you need it as backup. I have actually suggested to wyze that they create a separate attachment that allows this or a separate hub that includes it for the few people who do want it. I actually think that would be beneficial in many ways, even for people like me who would never use it, it is good that it exists. See, right now, everyone knows that Wyze doesn’t have a built in cellular option at all, so chances of someone having a DIY option are very small. They can safely assume that if someone has a Wyze system, you can cut their cable and safely break in. On the other hand, if cellular exists, then EVERYONE who has a Wyze system benefits from people having doubts as to whether or not there is cellular active. For that reason I am supportive of Cellular being offered as an option to the few people who would get it. Everyone wins…I just like having an option that doesn’t require me to pay for all that expensive hardware I will never use. Besides, even cellular won’t prevent someone that determined from breaking in. If they’re determined enough that they’re willing to cut your cable line and/or your power lines, then cellular won’t make a single bit of difference. Frequency jammers are pretty easy to buy or make. If they’re going to expend effort to disable your internet, then cellular jamming is nothing…easier even. Security systems are best as a deterrent, but I know people with alarms who still got robbed because the burglars just rush in masked, grab a few quick expensive items and book it into a get-away vehicle long before anyone ever arrives on scene. Cellular doesn’t do anything extra in any of those cases. That’s why I personally don’t waste the money.

I do still support having it as an option though (I even requested it in the first response in this thread, It was item #10 on my list of suggestions in that first response in this thread). And it sounds like enough people have asked about it that Wyze may actually do it. So your comment is helpful because Wyze has been listening. :slight_smile:

Came here for just this topic: cellular backup on HMS. I have 8 cams and a boatload of sensors, rules, etc. I would order the HMS in a heartbeat if it had a cellular backup option. I would love to stop throwing away money to ADT and give some of it to Wyze instead.

The other option is to get a router that can switch over to cellular. I think OpenWRT with a FreedomPop sim would probably do it without much trouble. PepLink can do it for a bit more money and less work.


Wyze go ahead and hire @mike8, he’s got good ideas!

Wouldn’t an even cheaper option be to buy a prepaid hotspot (apparently skyroam has a pay-per-GB plan for like $5/GB) ? And if Wyze could allow the HMS basestation to switch over to this backup hotspot as soon as the regular internet went down, it would likely be the cheapest option. (Though the cost of the skyroam hardware is a little high ~$130, but it’s a one-time expense)

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I know I am a bit late to the thread, but I feel it still needs to be addressed.

I have been a Wyze HMS user since May with 8 cams, 1 doorbell Cam, 1 Thermostat, 3 climate sensors, 8 motion sensors and 12 contact sensors. There are some small annoyances with the HMS Hub, but there are some VERY BIG issues that are currently not being addressed by Wyze:

  1. Through the constant techno fiddling that Wyze does, they have effectively rendered the one and only alarm siren for the HMS ineffective. This is the LONG ongoing issue of the hub volume being turned down so low it cannot be heard outside of that room. This was done by the Wyze coding firmware update as it worked well when originally installed. Please FIX IT.

  2. Some homes are quite large. One internal siren on the hub is NOT sufficient, especially now that you can’t hear it. Several options to fix this: a) sell remote triggered sirens that can be placed around the home that are triggered by the HMS Hub NOT by a contact sensor or motion detector and disarmed by disarming the HMS. b) get the HMS Hub integrated\compatible with Alexa devices. Not so much to deactivate the alarm state, but to sound off as a siren when triggered by the hub. I know that there are some cumbersome and complicated rules\routines workarounds, but this isn’t really a solution. c) Allow the HMS Hub alarm activation to activate the Cam Sirens. Right now there is no way to use rules or routines to be triggered by the hub HMS status\state as a device (disarmed\home\away\activated).

  3. As indicated above, there is currently no way for the hub HMS status\state to be used as a routine\rule trigger. This is quite disappointing as there are quite a few actions I would like to trigger from a change in the alarm state: sirens on\off, cams on\off, thermostat temp\status change etc. It would be really intuitive to program these into the hub so that the app or Alexa could use them for triggers.


thanks for the lead for power to My Hub I just put one in My Amazon cart. You have used this to make sure it works?

the Wyze HMS is a badge for Pre Order that is the only way it shows up. It means You backed them by Pre Order

That’s because You have V1 as I do V2 has a battery V1 does not

I have been using a similar one (appears to just be the gigabit model) and its worked fine. Its been connected to my PoE since May 2021 and I haven’t had an issue.