We Need you: Influence Our Next New Product

Thank you all for your responses and enthusiasm. The survey is now closed. We will be reaching out to those that are selected to participate in the study soon.


My name is Jason and I’m a Product Manager here at Wyze. Lately, we’ve been chatting about a new concept and we want to bring you into the conversation. This survey is a screener for an upcoming user interview cycle. If you are interested in joining the conversation, please complete this 3-4 minute survey.

One 45 minute session with a Wyze employee over video chat (Zoom Video Conferencing call) sometime over the next two weeks. We will set up a time with you separately with your preferred contact method.

We will not have the ability to speak with everyone that applies but we value your interest and will have other opportunities later. Thank you for your time!

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I get permission denied when trying to review the link

Same as @harps… permission issue.

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My apologies folks. I just fixed the permission issue.


@Jason-L I noticed the Wyse scale missing from the product list (towards the end of this thing)

Good eyes! Thanks for catching that.


The handheld vacuum is not on the product list. Maybe the headphones, too…?

How about fixing and improving your existing products before jumping to a new product?

Support-ability of existing projects, combined with the closed ecosystem you’re supporting, doesn’t provide confidence when looking at new products that Wyze is putting out. If Wyze could pivot to fix the long standing issues and show they’re interested in long term support of the devices they’re producing, they might find they garner more support for new product lines faster.

Apple has a huge loyal following and fan base because they make high quality products that are supported and improved, albeit on a slow schedule (major improvements yearly).


Siri changed my z to an s

Make a water sensor puck that I can put under my toilets and faucets. HUGE market for this.


My suggestion is to stop making new products. You guys already have too many products with unresolved issues. Put the money towards fixing the issues with the current products and invest more in customer support, because right now it’s terrible.


Hey Jason I got a error when trying to access.

I didn’t know about survey till I got an email today.
Looks like survey is closed already.
I would love to participate.

Ever thought about a camera with a temperature detector? I was thinking this would be a perfect way for a baby monitor but then got to thinking about how this could work for stores looking for customers with high temps and covid19

According to IPVM.com temperature sensors for measuring temperature of human bodies should be certified by a government agency. This whole process of certifications may bring cost and time to market up considerably.
The consumer market for such devices is limited and unless you want to try to take on shops and stores (which is completely different game) there is no reason for you to do that right now. In the long run I would go for it.
There are a couple of points I’d like to make.
In the last year you brought to market multiple products. As many users pointed out already, you may want to stop for a moment with developing new products and spend some time improving the quality of your products as well as tech support. I know it costs a lot, but considering the low prices you charge most of your customers would gladly pay a few dollars more for the NEW product to know that quality and service is outstanding.
One example: I have 2 thermostats that I bought using Amazon pay BEFORE I created my WYZE account. One of them works perfectly fine but another one keeps rebooting doesn’t matter what zone it’s installed on (latest firmware installed and multiple resets). I have a hard time getting an RMA because I don’t have an order number. We use my daughter’s Amazon account and so I don’t have access to her emails to find the order number.

Back to the prices. Everyone who already paid $20 for an existing camera model or $50 for an existing thermostat model feel that it is wrong that we have to pay more for the same product, we supported initially and had to deal with immature firmwares, when we need to buy more of these devices (I need to buy one more thermostat for heated floor but I don’t feel like paying more when I don’t need any features at that location). Yes, almost everyone is aware of chip shortage. And paid subscriptions like CamPlus is not what most of your customers are looking for.

The whole idea to sell 500 robocars an hour is really frustrating to buyers who didn’t get one (I had no interest). You don’t want to upset your supporters.

And finally to the point. You built an ecosystem of good smart products. We all like them but Achilles heel of your ecosystem is your phone app. No, it’s not bad at all it’s just not enough anymore.

The product I believe we need is the central hub. I see it as a wall mounted, with removable 8"/10" touch screen that runs a more advanced version of WYZE app - “Command Center”. We want a smart home, not just smart devices. The Hub should provide a customizable home screen that by default shows alarm system state, temp in each zone and outside, video from doorbell and/or cameras, sprinkler system status and more. It also should have a soft alarm system keypad.

Besides software I suggest you add additional hardware to the hub to improve features of existing devices: air quality sensors, advanced speakers, microphones with sound recognition like fire alarms and more, and maybe power to do Face/Pet recognition(?). And the hub should provide the ability to use all of your devices while internet connection is down.
Other desired products are touchscreen keypad with fingerprint sensor for the lock, wireless Doorbell, light switches with additional wireless buttons, thermo/smoke/carbon monoxide alarm, and maybe paid Windows/NAS version of the “Command Center” with separate client and server.


Since I did not get access to suggest a product how about a browser interface. I think everyone would want that “Product”.


Same experience as “kochetkov” above, received survey notice today, clicked the link immediately, received message that the survey is closed. WTF?

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I’ll vote for this suggestion also. Lot of glitches in your system that should be fixed. I’ll hold off on new purchases until I see some fixes coming from the suggestions on this forum.


FIX the current software!