WCO Person Detection no longer a priority?

I noticed that the subscription only includes V2 and Pan Cam.

My WCO and V2 shoot the same roadway, in opposite directions.

The past couple of days I am getting more consistent Person tagged clips on my V2. At the same time, the WCO which used to capture more Person tagged clips than the V2, is not capturing those same people.

So, is the WCO now going to ignore Persons?

Edited to add: the only clips the past few days, with Person tags, have been at night. These have been generated by headlights or taillights, not by actual people. Most of the time the vehicle clips at night do not have a Person tag.


Not sure, but it is looking as if CamPlus will support the WCO but that they will never include your WCOs in the name your price Person Detection plan. :frowning:

Name Your Price is based on the ownership of a V2 or Pancam at the time that the free PD service was included. I am not concerned about it being free or costing something.

My concern is how PD will be supported on WCO. At the moment, it seems the algorithms are being more aggressively utilized on the original older cams

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