WCO, are vehicles supposed to be flagged Person

Is this a new trend? My WCO not only (sometimes) tags Persons, but it is learning to tag vehicles as Persons. As it is learning to not tag Persons but still generate a Motion clip; it is tagging more and more non-person movement as Persons. About 25% of vehicle clips have Person tags now. Most person movement is now ignored, if it generates a clip the person is less and less likely to generate a Person tag.

Samsung S20 Utra
Android 10: Wyze App Beta 2.15.23

WCO Base Station

Cam V2 Plugin Version

This will likely go away in the near future. Part of the problem could be that Wyze is now purposely trying to train the same AI to recognize and distinguish vehicles (as well as pets, packages, etc.), so videos with these things are starting to get flagged and submitted as important. Depending on their AI programming, it is possible that it will take the AI a little while to make clear distinctions between everything. It could temporarily increase false positives of some things as it learns to distinguish between important videos and WHY the video is important, then design it’s own rules to distinguish differences between these things and what is desired.

On my WCO I have had a significantly noticeable increase of my cats being flagged as a “person detection” when it didn’t used to do this nearly so often earlier. I’ve been submitting some of these to Wyze to help them be able to teach the AI that this was a pet (still important for their AI updates they want it to learn about), but NOT a person as it thought.

I’m sure it will all improve now that they are specifically training it to distinguish between all those different issues.

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So, I walked to my vehicle. Both my WCO and my V2 cover it. I was Person tagged on the WCO but not the V2. I also walked to my second vehicle, it is just below the V2 but out of the WCO range. Nothing!!!

Also, nothing 10 minutes later when I walked back to my building.

But lots of PD tags still on the WCO for vehicles, some for people. One (1) PD tag on the V2, despite more people walked in the area than the WCO area.

My person detections have been virtually nonexistent since the 14th. It is flagging glare off my cars in the driveway as people, and flagging one of us walking down the driveway as motion, not a person. And I pay a monthly fee too, which coincidentally just hit my card today.

This was using my V2. I just setup another WCO on the back walk and will see what that gets me, but it’s been a definite issue for the past week. I had two full days with NO people events, when there were two of us in the driveway at various times of the day.

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