Is person detection gone after the server issues last night 11-14-20?

I signed up for the pay what you want person detection even though it hasn’t been very reliable for me it soon worked occasionally.
After the server issue last night 11-14-20 I wasnt getting any kind of detections.
Under account>services>detection I have person detection pilot turned on for my cameras.
But now I’m the camera settings>detection, person detection setting is gone only has motion and sound.
Anyone else seem this and know how to fix it?

I just tested mine out with PD and notifications (I have the pay what you want PD too), they are working fine for me after the outage. Try rebooting your cams and see if that helps (I’ve had to do this in the past after system issues).

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Somehow the event recording and notification settings got turned off. Now back on and working generally…

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Does your PD still say Pilot, when you check it under Services on the App? Asking as mine does.

Most of my PD are on my WCO now, very few on my V2.

I get sound section and it should person detections.
I go through recordings and the cams are missing a large percentage of person detection.
Rebooted, powered off, and the WCO misses even larger percentage of person detection.
Inset it up to test with my kids jumping on trampoline and it does not get person detection.
I subscribed to cam plus and person detection.
Why is cameras missing so many of the person detections?

My person detections have been virtually nonexistent since the 14th. It is flagging glare off my cars in the driveway as people, and flagging one of us walking down the driveway as motion, not a person. And I pay a monthly fee too, which coincidentally just hit my card today.

I have not heard anything about Person Detection being resolved.
I get sound section and it should be person detection.
Missing a lot of detection of people waking by, walking up to my door, kids playing out back.
And also missing a lot of video with cam plus in my cameras. Says 1 minute and only will show 3-10 seconds.
Tested internet connection, Test good.
Not sure what happened on 11-14-20202
, but I do know that there are lots of problems with Cam plus and person detection.

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