WCO not motion triggering

I’ve gone through all the help videos I could find and Have tried all the settings suggested and that I could think of. Last night my car got broken into directly in front of my camera and thanks to my dash cam I know that the person was in my car for around a full minute and leisurely strolled around it afterwards. My Wyze cam didn’t trigger a motion detection at all. I’m so upset by this and don’t know what I could possibly do different. I’ve had this camera for months now and have yet to have it work properly. Is it just deffective?

Welcome to the forums! Have you seen this video?

How does your camera act when trying these tips? Are you comfortable posting a shot of the camera view?

I’ve watched it a few times. The issue is that no matter what setting I use, The motion detection does not activate consistently. Not sure how large this pics are going to load. If they are huge I apologize ahead of time.

Advanced Settings