WCO - It Actually Works!

Well, I’ve posted here a few times recently, in anticipation of receiving the WCO. I was quite concerned about the usefulness of a Base Station that needs to be wired to my remotely-located router, and the possible need for an extender to actually make this thing useful for me. I am in that camp of buyers that really thought this was as “wireless” as the initial ad copy led me to think. So, how has it worked out?

Actually, it’s all good!

The WCO setup was quick/painless, the Base Station hard-wired to my router threw the signal much further than I anticipated, and when I tried to add extra range with an extender, as suggested on this forum, that worked perfectly. I never realized that an extender can actually work in the opposite direction, more like a wireless bridge. I made no special settings to get my extender to work in this manner - I just connected it as I did years back when I needed an extender, and boom, it worked.

Without the extender, the Base Station provided a great signal throughout my house, and around the perimeter of my house outside as well. The inclusion of an extender in my garage, and then the relocation of the Base Station to the garage connected via the Ethernet cable to the extender, provides all the range I need to move the camera further away to keep an eye on my long driveway. I sincerely hope that Wyze enables the Base Station to work wirelessly, as for many customers, connecting directly to your router isn’t always a optimum. Are you listening Wyze?

I can’t speak from the perspective of owning this for more than a day now, so maybe there will be issues to come. But so far, this product, for me, has knocked it out of the park!

Just wanted to share, given the fact that most people come to forums to deal with issues, not to say that they are happy with their purchase. As of today, I am.


This is good feedback for future buyers like me, I needed to hear this. I’m just waiting to see what changes will be coming to the WCO for future uses

Thanks for a positive review.

Please, after you put your WOC to use, inform us how the notifications are working for you and how long the delay is.

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I’ll provide more info as I get to know the WCO, but over the past few hours, I find the detection to be unpredictable. It works sometimes, not other times. The delay was initially 1 minute, then I changed it to 3 minutes.

I believe he meant the delay between detected motion and notification, not the settable cooldown period between motion detections.

Got it. Thanks.

When it does work, that delay is about 3-4 minutes.
Again, I’ll report back when I learn more.

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What extender did you use?

TP-link re305.
Purchased it a few years back.
Seems to work just fine, although there was some funky network behavior last night.
Time will tell.

I have been meaning to comment on this for some time. If it doesn’t violate any rules or laws that might involve Liars (Lawyers) it would be helpful if users would supply make and model numbers of things that work and conversely ones that don’t.

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