Things are looking up (Band, WCO)

Hi folks. I just wanted to throw some thoughts out there real quick about recent experiences with Wyze products.

I was one of the early backers of the Band and saw many issues right away, even having to get a replacement watch. Now, a couple firmware upgrades later, it’s working like a champ for me, and my $25 smartwatch meets all my needs.

I was one of the early backers of the Outdoor cam and saw many issues right away. Motion detection and notifications were non-existent. Now, a couple firmware upgrades later, it’s working much better with consistent and must snappier notifications. My only issue that is worth mentioning is very noticable interference between the new base station and my garage door openers.

So overall, I’m back in the “happy camp” with my Wyze products again. Anyone else back in the camp? I know we have a lot of negative posts on here, but I like to read occasional positive ones too. :slight_smile:

I am still a happy Wyze customer, although I’m struggling a bit with the WCO. I’ve been using the indoor cameras, motion and door sensors for about a year now and have been VERY impressed with the company and products. My issues with the WCO’s are with the range of the base, and the fact that I cannot record more than 12 seconds of motion activated video at a time. I’m sure the 12s limit will be resolved very soon… the base, not sure what can be done about that, other than allowing the cameras to just connect wirelessly to the router. Right now I can only place the cameras on one side of the house, closest to the router.

I am confident they are working hard to find solutions and will push out as soon as possible. So for now, I’m still in the happy camp!

I have been in the Wyze “Happy Camp” for a bit over 2 years now. I am an “Early Backer” of every Wyze product since they came out with the Wyze Sense. I have ZERO regrets! I love and use all of their products.

I have even been lucky enough to be a beta tester for the WCO. I love that camera so much that I have 4 in use now and 3 more on order. I understand how some people are disappointed with it, but having been involved in the last beta test group, I understand it a bit better than the average user and know it limits. But, for me and what I want, it is great.

I could go on and on about the bulbs, plugs, lock, scale and band…but I won’t. You’re welcome. LOL