Waypoints - how to use them correctly?

I’m just now starting to dig into my Cam Pan V2 a little further, to get more shots of some raccoons we have in the attic. The waypoints looked like the perfect way to cover several direction these little guys are coming and going from.
I selected 4 good camera ‘waypoint’ positions and turned it loose. When I came back a few hours later, I was presented with hundreds of notifications and 13 sec videos. Of course, each time the camera went to the next waypoint, it thought, “New Motion!” and shot it and saved it.
Surely someone’s run into this little problem and knows of the simple and logical fix, but I don’t see threads about it. I couldn’t find any apparent controls (delays maybe, before it sees motion). The correct way to set this up must have just flown over my head, as they say …

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There are two settings that will reduce the number of Motion Events while the cam is panning and creating its own “motion” in the FOV.

  1. Reduce the Motion Sensitivity.
  2. Reduce the Cam Rotation Speed

Thanks greatly. I’ll have to fiddle with those settings to see if I can find a combination that best ignores the false FOV trigger.

Sounds like a good challenge for the software folks: kill the trigger input during waypoint transition times …perhaps other conditions as well. Maybe establishing a temporary ‘marker’ in each FOV when the cam is not moving. Then if the marker ‘moves,’ disable the the record/notify trigger?

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I experienced the same issues with my PanV1 and PanV3, although the PanV3 seems to be a bit more discerning.

I’m sure there are some buffers they could program to minimize motion events during transition, however it is a double edged blade. Doing so will alos greatly increase the probability of missing real motion events during the waypoint transition. And, since motion is being triggered on the cam by changes in pixelation of the image, determining what is real motion as opposed to artificial motion is probably difficult. Far and above my pay grade and abilities to figure out.

Yes, I hear you. I guess I would have chosen the other edge of the sword, There’s bound to be a sweet spot between your suggested settings, though. Thanks again!

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Hello, SlabSlayer,
I feel like I owe an update to this cam panning itself triggering ‘events.’ I was thinking we had an update since my last post.
I wondered this because I had just turned off the panning on my V2 and left it at that. Since then, I have purchased two V3’s, to watch outside activity of these raccoon families. I completely forgot about the panning triggers problem. But I’m NOT having these endless triggers anymore. Turns out just selecting “Smart Detections” was the key all along. Choosing “All motion Events” was driving the cameras nuts, when panning. But switching to just “Smart” detections of “Person” and “Pet” stopped the panning triggers. However, the outside V3’s still have to be shut down during the day because of all the moving trees and shadows.

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The “Smart Detections” setting within the Event Recording settings does not prevent a Pan Cam from panning and tilting into motion when the “Track Motion” setting is enabled. The cam still detects the motion and will pan and tilt to center it and track the motion. It will still record that motion and upload it to the server for the Cam Plus AI server to interrogate for tagging. If the AI server determines there is a tag to be applied, it saves the video to the Events and sends a Push Notification. If no tag is applied, it deletes the video and you receive no notification.

The same can be accomplished by removing the Cam Notification settings for “Other Motion Events” and filtering out untagged motion events from the Events tab.

The Pan V3 cam’s have similar settings. If you are getting too many untagged motion event notifications, either method will help. If you are getting false AI tags, reducing sensitivity may help slightly, but more than likely a saw :carpentry_saw: will help more. Trimming back the vegetation to reduce false tags does make a difference. If this doesn’t help, there is a possibility that something stationary within your FOV and Included DZ is being falsely tagged and needs to be blocked out in the DZ.

Oh, yes, I always have Track Motion on, although I wish there was a way to stop the (seemingly) random 10sec recording cutoffs.

Using ‘Smart detection events’ seems efficient for my case, where I was looking for cat sized critters in the attic. That would be raccoons. So I only had the two (Pet, Person) selected. Only once did the V2 in the attic go off the rails and tell me, “A vehicle” was detected. Must have been the momma raccoon, lol. Actually, they’re gone now, so there’d better not be any more vehicle sized objects in motion up there.

Thanks for the explanations!

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