Way different performance on two similar phones

This is odd; I’ve been having issues on my phone with very slow image updating (ten seconds or more) (even though the sound seems to be in real time), a black screen for maybe 30 seconds after viewing any cam and <-ing to the main menu, slow to make any changes to settings for any camera. I did the most recent upgrade on all the cams, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nada.

So I ask my wife if she has the same issues on her shared device; no problem, beautiful pic in real time, everything works just fine!

The thing is, mine is a Motorola Moto Z2 and hers is a Moto Z Play!!! Same age, same network (the phones are on the 5G side), same software version, same app version, all the settings I can think of look the same. It doesn’t seem to matter which one gets on the network or opens the app first.

Would anybody have even the slightest idea of what the heck is wrong with my phone? Maybe some setting is different? They just like her more?

Thanks, shaking my head over this one!

PS There’s a critter in our crawl space, trapped because I shut all the vents for winter and put rocks in the little place they tunneled in under a vent in a gap; we can hear it scratching around down there. I opened one vent, and I’m using a cam outside on a battery pack to monitor the opening, when it leaves I’ll reseal the opening. Earlier this summer we had a couple of them down there, small opossums or they look similar; had a cam in the crawl space then and we could watch them. Apparently they came back.

Reads like a hardware decoding problem. What versions of Android and the app are you running?
My Samsung J3 acts like your Z2, my Amazon Fire acts like your wife’s Z Play.

Wyze v2.6.42, cams are; The phone is Android version 8.0.0 (I can list the other configurations if need be.) I have Person Detection enabled on one cam. Thank you. Were you able to do anything about your Samsung?

Nope, about a 20 second or more lag routinely.