Wawona Fox - first V2 Cam night test

This was a few nights ago (first night for my exterior IR Lights with Wyze Cam V2 looking out window in Wawona/Yosemite), and I’ve meant to post it but now - having been awarded New User of the Month along with twirlygirlsweeps (friend in Santa Cruz is the bass player in a band - The Twirly Girls) - I guess I just gotta post. We have foxes and coyotes, but I’m pretty sure this is a gray fox… (just the server-saved 12 or 10 second vid - did not yet have a micro sd card in the cam yet) https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/5/51a208bf0150b856c824224b44ec96140690b93d.mp4


Sorry if this just downloads… I thought it would just play within the post, but will have to figure out how to create the post so that works…

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Looks fantastic! I love my exterior IR illuminator, they do make night shots very impressive! I downloaded and reposted your video for you.

Thanks, Forum Maven rbruceporter. And how do you post an mp4 right into the post? Upload and then use the link tool to link to it?

I use the upload button. The site detects it’s a video and handles it automatically. If you use the link button it overrides the site and turns the video into a download link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love the formality of this! I think I will address rbruce this way as well. :grinning:


blush aww you guys!

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I’d hug him if he weren’t so darn prickly. :hugs::grin: (Thank you for the heartie, Forum Maven StopICU33!)

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Congrats, New User of the Month richapple! :slight_smile:

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Okay Forum Mavens and just plain peeps, I’m going to try this again, just in this thread because it’s only a squirrel. Oh but look at that little squirrel!!! So dang adorable. (Just doing via Upload and not messing with no links…)

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Nice light! Looks great fullscreen on a laptop.

Looks good to me as well!

Oh, the squirrel was during the day… Kind of don’t let the motion detect events happen during the day anymore. Wind, shadows… Too much to go through! Not that a bear just might bramble by mid-day…

What exterior IR lights are you using?

Univivi infrared 850nm 6 LEDs

But thinking of setting up another outdoor IR at another window of the cabin with a bit more powerful IR (8 lights) that faces more of the hillside… Also plan on trying the IR lights setting that is wider angle and doesn’t illuminate as distantly. More experimenting!

Looks great. What are you using for a light ?

This is a decent one, it’s a bit more powerful.

EVERSECU IR Illuminator,850nm 20 LEDs Wide Angle IR Illuminator for Night Vision,Waterproof LED Infrared Light with 12V DC Power Adapter for IP Camera, CCTV Security Camera (200ft 60° Infrared) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LFSW7M7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_LTkRDb168SP2Q

But some very powerful ones can be had in the 70 dollar range. Personally I like this one:

CMVision IR130-198 LED Indoor/Outdoor Long Range 300-400ft IR Illuminator With Free 3A 12VDC Adaptor ( New Version has Photo Sensor ON and OFF Switch ) Amazon.com