Fox checking out my Wyze Cam

This fox came to visit the other morning. He (she?) walked up the driveway and respectfully followed the walkway to my front door. It looked like he wanted to knock but realized it was early so left without disturbing us. Again he stayed off the lawn back to the road. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the v3 cam did a great job capturing it.

Fox Video


That’s a big fox! I’m used to them being way smaller.

Here’s the video embedded into the forum for those who would rather watch it inside here:


Perhaps s/he heard a rumor via the neighborhood grapevine that you were serving :coffee: and :doughnut:s since it was a Friday morning (then decided it was too early as you mentioned and would come back a weee-bit later) :clock10:.

Thanks for sharing your video @Trogdor.