Watch won't pair with LG V20

I just got my watch-44. It will not pair with my LG V20.

It paired fine with a Fire Tablet, but it’s only useful if it pairs with the phone. After pairing with the tablet, it updated the firmware. But it still won’t connect to the phone.

Does the watch use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect? I’m also having trouble with an app that connects to my earbuds on the same phone, and I’m wondering if there’s an incompatibility with the phone.

I got the watch to pair. I turned some settings on and off, restarted the watch, and it eventually paired with the phone. I wish I knew which thing fixed it.

Every now and then I have issues with it actually pairing with my v30. It seems that when I restart my phone the connection is made a new and it no longer has the connection issues for quite a while. This is something to keep in mind

Just an update: I got rid of the V20 and got a new Pixel phone. All sorts of problems with devices went away, including Wyze plugs, bulbs, watch, scale, and other devices I own.


I have a Pixel and really like it. I am now going to try a Beta Release of Android 12. :flushed:

Glad to hear things are better.

I just got the new S21 ultra and I noticed everything running 1000% smoother too. silly technology.

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