Watch burned spouses wrist?

My spouse took their watch off to wash dishes this evening. After the dishes were done, they put the watch back on, then picked up an squirmy one year old.

The watch started to feel hot, but they could not put the child down for a couple minutes. When they did set the child down and took off the watch, there was a minor first degree burn where the watch was.

Upon inspecting the watch, it looks like one of the sensor housing broke? I put my thumb over it and sure enough, after about 5 second my thumb started to feel uncomfortably warm.

Has anyone else run across this issue before? Recommendation on what to do (besides not wear the watch anymore)?

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Looks like the sensor def broke, and water probably got into it and to the battery. Lipos are dangerous. Set it outside on the cement or in a metal closed box if you have one. If it’s under warranty you may be eligible for a replacement. Contact support.

The watch was not in the water at all and was totally dry on inspection. I doubt there is water, or sweat, in the housing. I’m familiar with electronics and li-ion thermal runaway. This doesn’t strike me as a battery issue, although I’m definitely not an expert on it.

The watch itself is cool to the touch… it only feels warm with a finger directly over the broken sensor (touching watch or 2-3mm away), but not when held 20+mm away. This caused me assume it’s a high nm IR or UV transmitter and the housing normally prevents skin damage.

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Oh, and just the clarify: we did call support but after 15 minutes on hold and a couple angry ankle biters in toe, we gave up for the evening and will try again tomorrow.

Thanks for bringing this information up. Its unfortunate this occurred, and i am glad it appears pretty minor. The forums are a user to user community so i will say that contacting Support is the correct course of action for this issue. Once you talk to Support, please reply here with your Support ticket number so that i can send it up the ladder and get some more eyes on the issue for you to see what can be done. Thanks in advance!


I do apologize for this happening and I hope your spouse is ok. When you get through to support they will give you a ticket number, could you please post that here so I can follow up and make sure this gets taken care of properly.

We definitely would like to replace this and get that one back to investigate what happened.


FYI, if waiting on hold on the phone is too frustrating, you may want to try using chat or email options instead. I do almost all my support interactions through email. Then I never have any hold time and I can respond on my own time at my convenience. I highly recommend it. :slight_smile:

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