Was charged for annual plan, but cannot put cam back on that license

My cam was down for a few weeks and when I put it back up I had to start all over with installing it. I somehow (or inadvertently) ended up signing it up for the 14 day trial, but the app wouldn’t allow me to move the cam back to that license. There is a red circle with a “1” in it in the corner of the box (Annual Plan (Web) - 1 Licenses, Renews December 5, 2021, Free License - Select Device")". I tried to move a different cam to it and got the same msg: “This device license in the service is insufficient”.
The license had already renewed for a 2nd yr on Dec 5, 2021. So now I have a plan that’s been paid for and can’t assign a cam to it. I got another cam yesterday and set it up, and it would be nice if I could assign that to that yearly plan.

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If you go to account on the app and select services does the page show the paid license expires in Dec. 2022 ? If you have a temp 14 day trial running you have to delete it or let it run out until you can add it to the camera. If you do have a paid up to date license you should be able to assign to any cam you have except the one running the trial. If that doesn’t work call support 206-339-9646.


Thanks for the number! I called them after I saw this and was on the phone with them for quite awhile. The lady went through everything to help me, but the problem was with the service, so she cancelled that and gave me a refund, then I added another paid subscription online and then it showed up in my phone app and I was able to assign the camera to that.
Another thing I found out was that if you purchase the subscription through the app, which I did with one of the cams, it won’t show up online at the web site and the subscriptions is much higher (through Google). I will be calling Google for a refund and then will go through the Wyze site to add it again.

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Happy to hear you got it all straightened out. :smiley:

Thanks. Now I need to go set the newest cam up at the bird feeder and get some fresh eggs from the girls.

We have all of ours on the $99.00 which is unlimited to 99 max cameras its cheapand all was purchased from the wyze.com site,never use the app for purchases

Hi AnnWithAPlan,

Have you had any luck with Google Play and getting a refund?

I’ve been facing a very similar issue. I too accidentally opted in to the 14 - day trial going through Google Play. I had just purchased 4 new cameras, so I signed up for the same number of services. My thinking was there must be some type of promotion from Wyze, and it would all be put together after the trial period. I had never used Google Play for any of my Wyze services, devices, etc before, so why would this be any different?

Fast-forward 2 weeks to the end of the trial period. This is where I became lost in this whole mess. I have been a loyal Wyze customer from the beginning of their journey. I have long enjoyed how simplistic they have made things. Easy to purchase, just as easy to set up. Now it’s a different story. I went into Google Play and requested a refund for Cam Plus Annual License (4 devices) for $86.19. They limit your reasons for requesting a refund to 7 or 8 different possibilities. There is no choice of double payment or anything that really fits this situation. I received the usual form email stating that my issue was being reviewed and they would get back to me shortly. That was 3 days ago.

Then, last night, Google emailed me… it says:

We received your refund request of $86.19 for Cam Plus Annual License (4 devices) (Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter), transaction ID GPA.XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX…X. We are reviewing your request. You’ll usually get a decision within 1 business day, but it can take up to 4 business days. Thanks for your patience.

To prevent accidental or unwanted purchases in the future, we recommend that you turn authentication on, check your authentication settings, or change your password.


The Google Support Team

Unwanted purchase? :confused: No, I do want the service… just not through Google. :unamused: It was an accident … I was accidentally tricked into the 14 day trial period. Change my password? No way! ‘password123’ is the best password out there, Nobody will guess that one. :lying_face:

Google told me to get in touch with Wyze. :telephone_receiver: Wyze tells me to get in touch with Google. :incoming_envelope: Let the finger pointing begin. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: They have both suggested that I keep it for a year and don’t subscribe through Google again. In one year, I will be lucky if I remember my birthday, let alone trying to remember a renewal subscription to Google and Wyze. I want it taken care of now so that I may get back to this happy little thing we call life.

Not being at all satisfied with that answer, I sent in another request for a refund but this time escalated it. I received this back in my email 2 hours ago.

Most of them won’t be refunded successfully? At least they aren’t giving people false hope from the beginning I guess :man_shrugging: Has anyone else managed to get a refund from Google for this same kinda thing?

I really think someone needs to sit down and rethink having two separate ways of paying for the same thing on the same account. It’s just asking for trouble. :face_with_spiral_eyes: If a person has an active account, and they want to add a device or service to it, then use the same payment method that was originally used. If someone wants to switch to Google Play, that’s great. Let them do that. Let them know that you will be transferring all of their existing subscriptions to Google or whomever the 3rd party is. I find it ridiculous to think that I will have to pay Wyze for half and then pay Google for the other half when the whole thing belongs to me. :roll_eyes: Can we please get it synchronized so that the renewal dates are all together? Or at least give us that choice to have it all paid for at one time with one payment method to one place? :pray: :pray: :pray:

I’m hoping that someone from Wyze steps in at this point and says you know let’s get the guy back his :heavy_dollar_sign: money so that he can come back to our website and spend it directly with us and probably buy some more new things as well hint hint If we can’t do something like that, then it’s likely my next time back to the website will be to cancel the rest of the services all together and go back to doing it myself.

I got busy and didn’t get a chance to call google. I was going to do it today, but I’m wondering if you could share that link they gave you "cancel or change subscription (click here))? I can’t find that option on my phone, or in the google app section. I don’t care about the $ on one camera, I want to just cancel it and go to the Wyze site and set it back up through them.

The Wyze rep said that Google does the in app stuff. I never knew that. All it did was pop up on the phone and gave me a chance to subscribe through that, so I did. Had no idea I was doing it through them. But then, I guess since the app is downloaded through Google Play Store, that makes sense now.


Yeah, I didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing. I thought it was going straight through Wyze, and it didn’t occur to me that it was through the google play store.

Why did you say to not use the app for that type of purchase?

Mine still are showing ‘insufficient’. Spoke with support, have not heard back from them. I’m stuck.

Anyone get this confusing mess sorted out? Any chance I’ll hear back from Wyze?

For one thing, Amazon charges more for the subscription services. Another thing, only the services we purchase directly from the Wyze site will show up in our “services” section online.

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@AnnWithAPlan is on target here.

In App purchase are processed thru the App Store of the device you are on (Google Play, Android, Apple Store, etc.). They are priced so that the app store gets a cut and they have to be managed thru that store’s UI. They are a bear to manage. For example, if you cancel a subscription with Apple, you get NO refund.

Going thru the Wyze Website ensures you are transacting directly with Wyze and not a 3rd party reseller. Same with their hardware and box stores or website resellers. You are subject to the terms and conditions of where you bought it.