Want the basic service Wyze provided when they were new

I absolutely hate the upgrade. I am looking for a different camera system.

I was totally happy with getting notifications of movement and sound and being able to go on and see the 12 second videos. My cameras are on wi-fi so I can watch the live stream if I need to see more in real time.

When they switched to the thumbnail version, my husband said we needed to upgrade at least to Cam Plus Lite so he could go see the videos. However, we found that only the person who set up the account has access to that - now he needs to sign in under my login to see the videos.

We used to love Wyze because they were basic and simple. That is no longer the case so either Wyze needs to give us the simple access back, or I will tolerate it until I get a replacement system in place. I’m all for creating and improving things, but you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.

I will be updating my Amazon reviews that were 5 star glowing reviews to 1 star reviews warning potential buyers that all these upgrades are complicating the use and adding expense to users. Customers don’t even have a voice in accepting or rejecting the upgrades - except to stop buying and to warn others not to buy.

Me too. I am also disappointed in the V2 versions of the sensors. So, I started looking around. I found Yosmart products. Their sensors are about the same size as Wyze version 2, but the distance/range is unbelievable at 1/4 mile/1,000 feet. I had signed up for new product alerts and recently learned they are about to release a camera too. Its going to use the same “LoRa” (Long Range) protocol, so the range is going to be also unbelievable. I don’t know the prices, but I believe because of range and features its going to be amazing. Worth a little wait.

e14ak - I’m sorry you’re not having the experience you used to have. As you probably know, this is a user-to-user forum with some very smart users who are more than happy to help you solve a problem. If you would just give us some more information about your cameras and your accounts, maybe one of these smart guys can get you back to where you were, without your husband having to sign in under your login.


Thanks for the tip Sam_Bam! I’ll check it out!

Thanks PC - I’m just hopeful that my post will be seen by the developers of Wyze products, and that the feedback of other users asking for the same thing will lead them to see where their decisions are leading.