Wall Switch - Can it act as a *smart* dimmer?

The announcement / features page indicates there are single-, double-, and triple-press plus press-and-hold actions, which is potentially great. One assumes single-tap is pretty much taken up by Power Toggle, though, so that really leaves three actions users are likely to configure.

Is there any other on-switch option for dimming, other than assigning a specific percent level to an action?

Apparently it doesn’t dim at all? Nuts.

Might be able to use that double or triple tap feature to dim the light to various levels. Maybe that’s what you said…

I dunno, maybe. Dimming was very conspicuously absent in the bad video I saw. I haven’t read the documentation but apparently the presses are programmable so I assume that could include a preset dim setting. Regardless this isn’t at all what I’d be looking for. I’m very happy with the traditional style smart dimmer switches I have.

Clarified the subject title a bit. I’m thinking of it working as a smart dimmer, one that controls the Wyze bulbs or light strips programmatically via the API in a way that brightens or dims, rather than physically changing the level of power applied to the bulbs.

If this works as a rocker type switch that recognizes the upper and lower halves as separate buttons, then a long-press on either to brighten or dim (just like increasing or decreasing brightness in the mobile app) seems like a really common use case.

But I’m not sure the switch physically does that. From the videos provided so far it looks almost like it’s just one big button.

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Yes it seems as if it’s a single push button. Unusual and not to my taste at all.