Wall plug transformer buzz

I recently installed a WYZE sprinkler controller. I notice the wall plug transformer makes a buzzing noise. The buzz is loud enough to hear easily within about a 15 foot radius, which is much louder than any other wall plug transformer I have. The plug housing also resonates against the wall which amplifies the buzz. Anyone else notice this?

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I don’t have the device but that sounds wrong. I’d unplug and replace it if I were you.

Since this is an actual 60 hz power transformer delivering 24v AC to the controller, transformer hum is expected, not dangerous but perhaps annoying. If the iron core isn’t tight and also dipped in a lacquer, the buzz could be loud. Mine only hums a little.
I’ll bet the hum varies from sample to sample.

Are you interested in moving it via extending the wire? Trying another sample from wyze? Buying a third party 24v transformer? There are options!

WYZE sent a replacement, and the replacement makes a similar level buzz. I was able to isolate the plug from resonating through the wall and that’s mostly taken care of it from the inside of the house.