New sprinkler controller power supply

I just got my sprinkler controller installed, works great, but the wall wart power supply buzzes rather loudly, all the time. You’d think it wouldn’t hardly use any power unless maybe it actually was running sprinkler zones, so to hear the loud buzzing 24/7 is unusual and concerning.

The Hunter sprinkler controller it replaced also had a wall wart power supply and powered the same sprinklers. It was plugged into the same outlet, and it was silent. I’ve had gazillions of power supplies for various gadgets and never have I had one buzz like this.

Anyone else have this issue? My concerns are:

  1. is it going overheat and cause a fire?

  2. is it going to die prematurely and then all my landscaping dies in the middle of summer without water while I wait to get a replacement?

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the controller itself.


I have only plugged mine in for some testing and haven’t fully deployed but no, I get no buzzing sound from the power supply.

While I cannot infer what is causing the buzzing or the outcome, I would definitely reach out to Wyze support with this concern.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, as I suspected, a buzzing power supply is probably not normal, but I
m glad to hear you’ve confirmed that for me.

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