Walking in front of the camera does not trigger an event

95% of the time that someone walks in front of the camera no event is triggered and no notification. Just one event in several days even though people walk by the camera several times a day.

What might I be doing wrong? I am new to this so it might be something obvious to most of you.

Also, is there a manual somewhere that explains how to use the camera? I see the quick set up guide, but what do I do after that?

My only rule is turn on when detect motion.

@davidsmartin, welcome to the Forum!

Here’s where I’d start with your specific issue if you want to dig into Wyze’s documentation:

You can find the full Cam OG :cam_og: document section on the Support site here:


I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my experience with these cameras, sometimes the settings that seem like they should be intuitive really aren’t initially and take some getting used to. :man_shrugging:

I guess at this point I’d wonder how you have a few things set:

  • How are you attempting to record videos? Are you using the cloud (e.g., a Cam Plus subscription) or microSD card? Is the camera recording anything for you at all?
  • How are your Detection Settings (select your camera > :gear: Settings > Detection Settings) set up? Specifically, I wonder about how your Motion Detection Sensitivity and Detection Zone are set on this screen.
  • How is Event Recording (:gear: Settings > Event Recording) set?
  • Do you have Notifications (:gear: Settings > Notifications) turned on? If so, then what Events (:gear: Settings > Notifications > Manage [to the right of Events]) have you selected under Notify?

You might be able to figure it all out just by going through that stuff yourself, but please always feel free to come back and ask more questions!

One thing puzzled me about your post:

Have you set up actual Rules (from the app’s home screen, tap :pencil2: in the upper corner, then Edit Rules) in the Wyze app? If so, what are the settings for your Rule? That might be part of the issue, but since you said you’re new to this I want to think that you didn’t actually create a Rule.

Hopefully this helps some. If I need to clarify anything or if relevant screenshots would be helpful, please let me know.

The camera should be saving events and notifying you without you having to make rules for it. What rule did you make that you are referencing? If you can explain what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are in fact making rules, then the community here can help. The camera should be on to be able to detect motion in the first place.

If you have event recording enabled in your camera settings and notifications enabled in your camera settings, then you should be getting events. This is a basic feature and function of the camera. Do you have cam Plus on this camera? If not, then you would only be getting a thumbnail for the event, but you should still be getting a notification.

Thanks everyone. My first problem was that I could not even find the settings page. When I clicked on the Wyze support page for the OG, they showed only a quick start guide, troubleshooting and FAQ, but no real manual. Eventually I figured out that if I opened the live view of the camera then the settings icon appeared.

After exploring the settings I saw that something called “smart detection events” was selected and that apparently decided that most of the events were not important enough to record. After deselecting that option the app started showing me events.

The immediate purpose of the camera is to figure out what is knocking over my compost bin. I’m guessing that a bear is exploring my yard.

I would still appreciate a real manual if one exists.

Thanks again. It seems to be working.

Yeah, I could’ve been more clear about the guidance I gave. I pointed you to a main page that has 3 sections for that product and also to an article in the Troubleshooting section that’s specific to your issue. As far as I know, the documentation is scattered through those mini articles and not available as as single manual. (I also like manuals for some things, so I can commiserate.)

Good catch. In my case, I’m not using a Cam Plus subscription; I do continuous recording to a microSD card and having the camera tag generic Motion and Sound events.

You’re welcome, and thanks for the solution vote! I’m glad it’s working, and please always feel free to share your questions and experiences here. Good luck with the (possible) :bear:! Maybe in the future you’ll have something to share in the Captured on Wyze category.