VPN and Webview

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When I have my VPN running (PIA) on my Windows 11 PC, using Google Chrome, I get the following after providing my email and password, and clicking on all the boxes for pics for the kaptcha:


I drop by VPN, and it works just fine.

I add the IP address as an exception in the VPN client for view.wyze.com as well as the IP address for wyze.com. It still gives me the ‘adblocker’ error message.

I can live with bypassing VPN using the split tunnel feature of my VPN provider, but apparently I’m not providing valid IP Addresses for that purpose, to use https://view.wyze.com


If no one else knows you might need to drop a line to security and ask for the IP ranges used by the Kaptcha service. Unfortunately that kind of thing is always subject to change.

You could also do a little sniffing to see what your particular session is trying to reach.

I have seen similar things while using my VPN, though I haven’t tried it with Wyze webview.

I would’ve thought whitelisting the domain should be sufficient, but if it wants every possible IP address…I am not sure what IP addresses you’d need to bypass, but if it were me I would personally do the following:

I would try using a tool that captures all IP addresses you are interacting with, close everything else down, and then load Wyze Webview and capture the IP’s that come up. Log in and out of webview a couple of times to make sure it stays consistently using the same IP addresses…Run them against an IP whois to verify they belong to Wyze or Amazon or at least the captcha service and then whitelist them. I think you’ll be fine as long the captcha IP’s are whitelisted somehow, so log in a few times, capture the IP addresses and try that.

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