No Connection to Wyzecam when using VPN and the Wyzeapp

I have been able to install and access a Wyzecam v2 using the wyzeapp on a android phone. I can access camera in and out of my home network using either wifi or cellular phone service only when I have my VPN turned off on the phone. When I engage the VPN, I cannot achieve connection to the camera or receive notifications.

Since I always have the VPN engaged on my phone, I cannot access the cameras or receive notifications. VPN’s are an absolute necessity when using external wifi or cellular networks. How do I get the connection to work with my VPN engaged?

It does not matter how fast the wireless or cellular network is, I measure speeds far in excess of 60 Mbps for upload and downloads when the VPN is engaged. The network router and modem of the home network have mac filtering disengaged and UPNP is engaged. It also made no difference if a static ip address was assigned to the camera, or not. My VPN does not allow me to whitelist a particular URL and I am not sure I would want to communicate with the camera outside my network and firewall without an encrypted VPN anyway.

Hopefully, there is something simple in the configuration that I missed.

Does the VPN tunnel back to your home network or to an external paid VPN service?

I think the problem may be that the “P2P” service Wyze uses is trying to establish a point to point connection between your phone and the camera and the VPN gets in the way.

Perhaps others who have done this successfully can contribute. (I see little value to a VPN if we are using SSL connections.)

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Is it McAfee VPN? There is a known problem with it not working with Wyze.
I’ve used SurfShark with no problems at all.

Thanks to the people who made comments, so far. The VPN tunnelI am using goes to external servers in various locations I can choose. It is NordVPN, a purchased VPN service, which has the most servers in the most locations and is not subject to the 14 country agreements. I tried obfuscated servers (TOR-like multiple jumps to servers in different locations) and non-obfuscated servers (Single server). Neither worked. I also tried PIA VPN and that did not work either.

I tried changing the DNS server to a google DNS server (I normally use a no-log DNS server) and that did not give me a connection either.

I appreciate the comment from the poster regarding the use of SSL connections but I disagree about the use of my own VPN since I do not know the encryption level, if any on the SSL connection. Nor do I know anything about how that connection is put in place. I am new to the Wyze IOT so I don’t want divert completely to a discussion of how secure the Wyzeapp is, or is not. I just prefer to use procedures, processes, and protocol I have researched and trust.

I use IPVanish both on my Android cell phone and Windows PC (I access my Wyzecams on my PC using Bluestacks, which runs Android apps on a PC). Currently on my PC I am viewing one of my Wyzecams to monitor our granddaughter who is napping in the crib in another room–NO PROBLEM. With my cell phone, if I can’t make a connection when I run the app, I temporarily shut off IPVanish and usually the connection goes through. I then put the VPN back on and everything works just fine. In other words, if my VPN for some reason is blocking my connection to my Wyzecams at any given time (5 of them; 3 sets of contact sensors and 2 motion detectors, as well)–random occurrence–well, I just turn the VPN off to connect and turn it back on and everything works–USUALLY!!