Unable to connect when on local network VPN

I’m unable to connect to the camera when not on a local network; I know Wyze is aware of this issue and is working on a resolution. I am able to connect fine when on a local network. However, I cannot connect to the camera when connected to my router VPN.

I know the network is configured correctly as I have access to other network devices and am able to ping the Wyze camera and receive a response. I believe the issue is the Wyze app does not recognize that I have local access to the camera and so attempts to go through the external servers that are currently not working. Are there any plans on addressing this so I’m not SOL when Wyze servers are down?

Hello Kluze I have the same issue.

Have you heard about or seen a solution ?
To state the obvious workaround, just disable VPN when you need the app. But it is not practical and points to a Wyze software flaw.

Hello, @marcopolo

You didn’t specify which VPN you use or if you have a free/paid version (makes a difference as far as options available).

Take a look at this thread to see if it could solve your particular connection problem.

This is an entirely different matter from that ticket. This thread is for the scenario where Wyze servers go down such that you cannot connect to your camera unless you are on the same network. If you setup a VPN on your home network and connect to that VPN, the Wyze app does not recognize that you are connected to the same network as the camera, attempts to connect to Wyze servers, and ultimately fails to be of any use.

@marcopolo No, I’ve pretty much given up that Wyze is going to address this problem.

@Kluze Thanks. Your description is correct and it is a different matter

@ThreeTen Hello, I use paying version of Express VPN and they do not offer the option to unblock on local network. Regardless that should not be necessary, Kluze described it properly. Thanks.

Hello, @Kluze & @marcopolo

Okay, no worries, understood.

Good luck getting your issue resolved.

@marcopolo You can do split tunneling on the App on your phone. Just select which apps you want to use VPN and that will fix your issue.

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@mrcortez34 - Thanks for that! I use PIA VPN and didn’t know I could do that (under Per App Settings). I will try it tonight when i get on my local network and see for sure - but should work.

FYI - that worked. Had to stop and resart the VPN after the app settings change though.
Thanks again!