Can't connect to camera when using VPN

When I’m using a VPN on my phone, I cannot connect to my Pan Cam (it times out). If i turn off the VPN, I can connect to the camera fine. I’ve tried several different locations to connect the VPN with the same results (can’t connect to the camera). Anyone have any 8deas?

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If it’s McAfee VPN it won’t work with WYZE. Not sure why.
I have SurfShark and it works fine.

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I use Secure VPN and it works fine also.

You could possible choose an area within the USA as your spoofed location and see if that works for you

Thanks all for the input. Don’t remember if I said in my original post, but the issue is with VPN’s on my phone (Moto G5+). I’ve tried several free VPN’s (Windscribe, Thunder, Tunnel Bear, Surfeasy, etc.) and several locations within the US in each with no luck. Could be the free VPN’s issue.

I am using Windscribe and have no problem connecting to my cameras, wifi or LTE.

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