Voice coming from offline camera after internet outage

I was awakened early this morning around 4:30 A.M. to a voice coming over my camera in my daughters room. It sounded like an electronic voice you would hear from a child’s toy. It was repeatedly staying “Get up” in intervals of about 8 seconds. So i laid in my bed thinking it would stop, that maybe my daughter rolled over on a toy in her sleep and was pushing on some sort of button This went on for about 10 minutes. So i went to her room to remove the toy from her crib. But the voice was being generated from the Wyze camera. The really weird part is that our internet went out last night about 8 P.M. and was still out this morning when i went to my daughters room. So the camera was offline for several hours. Also the light on the camera was rapidly blinking yellow and i’ve not been able to get the camera back on line. Surely there is a logical explanation to this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated…

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As a parent, if I heard “voices” emanating from my child’s room, I’d be in there in a heartbeat investigating.

Are you certain the sound was coming from the cam and that it was a voice? If yes, my best guess is it was hacked. Or maybe when a Wyze cam loses access to the internet, it generates some odd noise.

Ok, that is a new one I’ve never heard of. You should definitely turn in a support ticket.
Please let us know because I’m very curious.

It most certainly sounded like it was coming from a toy. It sounded like the voice of a child, coming from a child’s toy such as a doll but when i investigated the voice was coming from the camera. When I unplugged it and plugged it back in it stoped.

And, “as a parent” I know, due to the fact i have common sense that it wasn’t a Chucky doll ; for lack of a better word or words and my daughter was in no danger. Give me a break with the condescending tone please.

Thanks for the reply. I certainly will.

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and I don’t see how it could have been hacked because there was an Internet outage due to severe whether. But maybe, who knows. Strange none the less.

Hacked is a word that has lost meaning. People use it for everything now.:slightly_smiling_face:
The cameras can communicate over your LAN without Internet but I have no idea where it would be picking up an electronic voice telling you to “get up”.

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@matseasb - It’s possible someone got into your WiFi, but the repetitive electronic sound you describe doesn’t sound like it was. More likely something along the lines of a power glitch hit the cam.
To get your cam back online you can try Power Cycling it, and if that fails try a Factory Reset.
If that fails, definitely a request with Wyze Support is in order.

Fully agree - and I even hesitated using the word, but figured everyone these days associates the word with people who are malicious, software and hardware wise.

And to the point, in one of my published books, I call out the misuse of the word “hacker” vs “cracker”, so shame on me.


it’s possible there’s malicious code on the LAN, but why someone would be motivated to do that is beyond me. Probably an electronic anomaly.

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The only explanation I could think of is this: Maybe, just maybe, it was a version of yourself from the future. Kinda like Matthew McConaughey from the movie “Interstellar.” Maybe the future version of yourself is in a black hole trying to tell your daughter to “get up” so she can stop your present self from going into outer space, thereby stopping you from missing out on her growing up—Theory!


Ok, your answer wins the internet!

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One of the 1st nights we used these cameras, 3 of them, our Wow Cable Internet went out. All evening until the next morning.
Of course have 4G thru our phone plans. Was very surprised that Wyze cameras also seem to have 4G built-in, except they don’t.
Next day, told my SO who is an IT Manager. He used words like “Impossible” and “No Connection”. Sure enough, they were working and sending notifications just like they normally would do. I showed him the footage.
Only explanation was something to do w/ the Memory sticks, but that doesn’t explain how 3 cameras could still communicate with my phone and iPad with no internet, right?
Also, this is not the first time for the voices, just search on the Forum, you will see several people last year, same thing, electronic voices, told “Impossible” and “Hacked”. Oddly we pick-up a neighbor’s cell phone calls every night, so much so we had to turn OFF the Voice notifications/recording. Not sure how, she’s in a house, our camera in our house, doors/windows all closed, yet if we leave sound on, no matter threshold, it happens every night.