Viewing Cam3 via Alexa Show

First do all the items on the troubleshooting, basicaly remove Wyze cam reinstall and remove Alexa skill and reinstalle. If Alex says, waiting for Wayze. Quickly go to your cell phone, Open Wyze cam and select “live video”. Once your live video wakes up it will start to show on Eco 10. If it doesn’t, do the opposite. Get live video working on your cell, Then ask Alexa to open your camera.
Note, alexa will only show video for about 10 minutes. You need to ask alexa to open again. I have been trying to view Wyze cam on Eco Show 10 for 4 months. I just figured this out. I’m abit upset that Amazon nor Wyze told buyers that video would time out. No disclaimers. I bought echo show specifically for this and being that you have to do so much research to problem solve I can’t return.

This makes no sense to me. There has always been a long wait, about 10 seconds, to bring up a camera on an Echo device through an Alexa skill. The Wyze app should have nothing to do with it.

Are you saying that if you simply waited the 10 or 20 seconds and did NOT “quickly go to your cell phone” that the feed never starts?

Yes. Once I view or start live stream on my cell, it start on the Eco. When it times out I can ask alexa to show me camera and it comes back on screen within seconds.
But if it says waiting for Wyze, I need to go to cell, start “live streem” think this is why? to get it all working. It appears my camera is going off line alot. But it still records and sends notifications. I