Viewing 4 cameras simultaneously after person event triggered on 1 camera

After a camera, say front porch, is triggered by a person. You may want to view 3 other cameras starting at that same point or 30 seconds prior. Assuming you have sd cards in all cameras. It is frustrating to open each camera individually to scroll the playback, when it would be great if Wyze let you click on that time, then select the other 3 cameras to see all at the same time starting from that point.
Example: Person on your front porch, you want to see them walking around the house and where they came from and possibly get a better view of them.

Intergrating the ability with camera groups the ability to rewind and fast forward, all together while watching the group of cams.

Have my cameras in two groups, perimeter and interior. I was watching the perimeter cameras I was trying to say I want to watch all three and rewinding it together so I could see in real time rewinding you know what’s going on and I didn’t have that ability and I really would like that because it would be nice to be able to see in real time rewinding it and all three times at once or fast forwarding and you see whatever you know just so you could be able to room review not just each camera, but you can view the entire perimeter camera at once. It would save time from having to click back-and-forth between cameras to watch the same time same what happened in there that you have it all at once cream and will be nice to people fast forward and rewind and in the group itself device groups.

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