Camera Group Playback

I would love to have synced up playback for a group of cameras. It’s nice to see all the camera live but when something happens (not in just one location) or moves from one camera to another I want to see the video on all cameras in sync. Instead of going piece by piece and paying attention to the seconds on each camera seeing it as a group would be helpful.

Bonus points if during playback of a group you could play, pause, and switch from group to individual camera and back while watching without loosing the timing

Hello Wyze!

I think you should have a feature where you can view playback on multiple cameras at the same time. For example if you got a notification that someone was on your property you could go back and watch the event play out on a few different cameras at the same time. If you had one in the front and one in the back you could watch both of them at the same time while doing playback. Obviously this would only work if you have micro SD cards installed on your cameras but, it would be a pretty cool feature!

That’sa good idea @casparikid. I have had occasions where someone wandered around my yard and that would have been a nice feature.

Definitely would be a great feature!

See playback of all cameras at once.

Most, if not all, other surveillance products do.

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Blue Iris does this, it’s a nice feature.

I have Eight WCO’s and Five V3’s viewing the outside of my home to view the mice, rats, birds, possum, squirrels, raccons, bobcats and coyotes.

It would be a welcome feature to watch synchronized viewing of video footage as I like blue Iris can do.


I’ve been using the Cam Pan v2 to watch my dog when I’m gone… I was thinking about adding another, probably the Cam v3, so I can have eyes on her when she goes into another room. Has there been any updates about this feature? Syncing playback would be awesome. Or if you use a different app, I’m happy to accept recommendations.