Make it easier to stream outdoor cams that are in groups

Outdoor cams in groups do not automatically start streaming when the group is opened. It’s understandable from a battery perspective. However at times it makes for a clumsy process when quickly trying to view multiple cameras at the same time.

It would be useful to either have a setting that would allow outdoor cams to start streaming automatically when the group is opened or have a function that would simultaneously start all outdoor cameras when in the group view.

Agreed! Just got mine, set it up and so far that is the only disappointment. Hope they fix this. When I open up my “Home” group, I want to see a live picture of what is going on.

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The current setup is to save battery life. Wyze could make a setting to Change this for the people who want to.


Agree. I have a new dog. Three indoor camera set up in a group. Three outdoor cameras set up in a group. When I switch to that group I want to see the cameras. I don’t wanna start each one up one at a time. So it should at least be an option if you don’t want that behavior which I don’t

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Definitely agree. Hate having to press the play button to get a live feed.

Agreed, either make it default to play or add a setting. Shouldn’t have hit play every time I open the group, by the time it starts playing the motion is gone.