4 or more cameras action simultaneously displayed?

When will Wyze have an application that displays 4 or more cameras action simultaneously and allow each one to be enlarged to full screen when needed?

This feature has existed for some time. Please look in the Wyze Support section under Camera Grouping for instructions.

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You need to have a pre-written out response that says this already exists please go to support for further assistance.

Seems like you do this a lot. People should understand that support is there for a reason. I’ve gotten a lot of help from reading articles there and not posting here. But I do understand this is new to a lot of people and it is also complicated to some people who are new to this. You’ve been a great help And resource to them.

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Plus it doesn’t hurt to just play around a little bit. You can’t really break anything. And if somethings not working right you can just delete it out and start all over again. It’s kind of how you learn in my opinion. Learn by doing.

Yes you CAN if you try. But then it’s only about $20.
Remember the Wyze system is such low cost that there are many users which may only have the education that they got through grade school and many don’t like to read. It’s easier for them to ask a question than to do a search.
I’d imagine someone like loki has a LOT of “canned responses” as hot keys.

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Messing with rules would be hard to break something. And it might not be $20 it was say a sense motion sensor? Lol. But I get your point. I’m just saying try some things and read before you jump here to get help when it’s easily assessable

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Cross posting same subject.

Thank you for contributing to the forum. You are quite observant! (Canned response #313)


That actually made me snort. I was not expecting that reply. Thank you.