View V3 videos on laptop

I’ve asked this question before but am now looking for an update:

Has anyone has found a way to view V3 footage on a laptop other than with Wyze Cam Pro subscription (or) using BlueStacks ?

BlueStacks works great but seems to be an overkill
Wyze Cam Pro is also nice but I don’t have it on all of my cameras due to the cost.

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Some clarification may be in order…

V3 “microSD Card Playback” video footage or “Cloud Event Upload” video footage?

microSD Card Playback video can only be accessed thru the Wyze App or by placing the microSD card in a computer and using a Video Player app to play the MP4 files within the Recordings folder.

Cloud Event Upload video can only be accessed (and downloaded) thru the Wyze App. Only Cam Plus cams can view those same Cloud Event Upload videos via the Live Webview in a browser, however I don’t believe it has a download function yet.

The only way to use the Wyze App on a computer is thru an emulator like BlueStacks.

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