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Simple, I want to view my cloud saved video on my pc. Can I go to or something and sign in and view the videos easily?

There’s currently not a way to do this without a workaround.
There’s a #wishlist item for it here:

You can use BlueStacks, a free Android emulator for Windows and Mac. You can then use the Wyze app to view footage.


You can, however, download those cloud events on your phone and then move them to your PC (or even view directly if your phone is attached to your PC as storage).

Open each event and find the little download button hovering on the top right of the image. Then you can copy or send the downloaded video elsewhere…


Well that sounds great, but. When I open anything stored on the cloud,which is now all my events, they take a long long time to open.
First after the event is open and playing I have to touch the screen and then I see what I think is a share button, a download button and a full screen button.
It is kind of hit or miss as to whether I can download or share some do some don’t. Some just close wyze all together. Since this is a subscription item I would hope it would
work smoothly.

Also maybe you will know. When I try to delete events it can be a project. If I just choose the select all it will select 20, well that ain’t all by no means. So I read
to scroll down and the back to select all and sometimes it will select more but if I am too slow it will only select 20. It’s a race back to select all and delete before it defaults
back to 20. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your reply above as I have managed to download a couple of test events. If we would have an issue here at home IE: a break in I really would not want to have to view it
on my phone. The download is clear and much sharper and easier to identify people.

Thanks again for you help.

Be safe & Have a great day!
Greg & Myra

I don’t think it’s “supposed” to allow you to select more than 20 at a time. Glad I was able to help a bit.

Frankly if you want to get this data regularly maybe another approach is called for. You could use an SD card and regularly pull it out of the camera. You could use RTSP firmware with a central DVR / NVR. Etcetera.

Thank you . I got it.Very good.

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