View playback not working

The file names on the SD are hard to understand. I would view some events and check the time/date stamp on the video (If you had that turned on in cam settings). If you have a device with a card reader and VLC you can get through the videos faster. Hope you were recording continuous !

Oh yes I was… thanks alot man!

Why is this still not answered??? Unacceptable

The likely explanation of “view playback” not wyrkin’ is that the microSD cards need to be labeled as “high endurance” (from any brand). The normal cards will fail over time, then, the user comes with up all kinds of nonsense as to what the problem is.

Perhaps Wyze should STEP UP and Acknowledge the REASON BEHIND THIS SD CARD ISSUE of NO Access to Playback, and/or SD Access via Wyze iOS/Android App access. Only response is is to “Upsell” their own brand of SD CARDS, just shameless…!!

This As I have been experiencing as well for 6months plus now, with attempting DIY by re-seating and using new SD Cards…with virtually no resolve after many extended Wyze Support Chat Sessions. Left hanging, with No Solution, and never a reasonable follow-up solution from Wyze Support…But there IS A REAONS…!

Bottom Line:

Wyze has experienced a Comprimise by Hackers with it’s Wyze Cam V1 & V2, with potential for Exploited Intrusion by Outside Persons, that leaves it’s Wyze Cam V1 & 2 Cam Users Vulnerable to Persons spying on your “Business”. This as to being able to access your camera’s SD Card Files, and View Your Actions…But of course Wyze has Never Acknowledged this, I happen to just see this:
Click to View the Whole Story:

So WTF is this company ignoring their customers, and a rather serious Security Compromise without ANY WARNINGS or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to it’s faithful… is what I want to know…?

Too good to be true these oh so Affordable Tech Knock-Off Products at a Cost…With a What: Chinese Back Door on All…?? Good Luck People…!!

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Wyze did respond, and the link to the responce is actually in the first line of that article you just linked. Here is another link to it in a forum post and discussion from this forum:

What are the support tickets that you have had started? I can send the info on and get that follow up checked on for you.

Same here. All Cam 3’s, and the “view playback” won’t work on any of them, making them virtually worthless. Anyone got suggestions on other cams that can do the job? As soon as we find one, we’re gettin’ out o’ here when something so basic is so radically hosed. Been going back and forth on this way too long.

I have had my 10 V3 cams for over a year. When I got them, I bought the cheapest 32GB uSD cards I could find in bulk. I learned my lesson very quickly. The cards I bought were not purpose built for continuous record or outdoor conditions. They ALL failed very quickly.

I soon learned, mainly thru the great advice and lessons learned from seasons veterans of iOT cams (of many brands), that I needed to buy high quality purpose built High Endurance uSD Cards, regardless of the particular brand of cam into which I would be shoving it.

Since then, none have failed. 100% reliable. All 10 have been on full time 24\7 continuous record for months on end without failure. I know they have a shelf life like all uSD cards do. There isn’t an indestructible one made. But it is an exponentially longer shelf life than the cheap cards.

I would submit that it is not a function of the cam that is making the playback feature fail. Otherwise, I would not be able to view my playback as I do on a daily basis nor would the countless users who view theirs on a daily basis.

I have three V3 cameras, this one is the oldest (19 months) of continuous recording. I’ve using a 128GB cards since the V3 would work with ex-FAT cards without issue.

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Thx. Some more questions:

1.If I choose to record to an SD card, does it record just events, or everything?
2. Whichever it is, does it simply overwrite old stuff when the card gets full?


On the non battery cameras there are two settings, continuous or events only. The events only to SD card will save coverage in one minute segments (##:00 to ##:59) covering the time when the motion was detected. If the motion goes in to the next minute the next full minute will be saved to the card.


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As just stated, events or continuous. White is on, I use continuous recording to the 128GB card and it will overwrite in about 11 days recording in HD.

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Thank you!

I got 32 GB SD cards in ‘im now. Gonna’ fly with that for a bit. If necessary, I’ll go with the 128’s if it comes to that. Thank you all so much for your help. When I went to Wyze support with the submit log path re the “view playback” debacle, their comment was: our engineers are working on updates, and wait for that. Useless. Thanks again.

I have four cameras, and the only one that doesn’t let me use View Playback is the one that has “Cam Plus”, a paid subscription. I can only view recorded video if I take the media card out and plug it into a computer, a little awkward and slow to do. If I spend enough time fumbling with the app. I can eventually find a few events of recent past, but that doesn’t help when I want to see it now.

I am considering cancelling the subscription. My only reason for trying the cam plus is the pet detection feature, which is a little sketchy, and doesn’t always work.

There is a distinct difference between viewing Cloud Saved Recorded Event Video for cams subscribed to CamPlus, which are shown exclusively in the Events Tab; and SD Card Recorded Playback Video saved to the SD Card and accessed using the “View Playback” bar from the Live Stream Window or the Playback SD Card Icon when viewing a Cloud Saved Event Recording.

There is also a difference in what specific cams can do as it pertains to these two features. Not all cams types can do the same things.

Please post back with your cam models.

I have SD card playback issues as well. V3 camera (firmware and iOS app. The videos on the time scroll appear and disappear. Sometimes it says “no video at the selected time” but I know there is a recording there because I played it before. The scrolling seems erratic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The video recordings can be accessed and sometimes they can’t.

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I experience the same problem. I have subscribed to CamPlus Lite (“pay what you want”). I can see 12 second clips recorded to the cloud. My SD card is set up to record events. When I select “View Playback”, I can see the events on the horizontal timeline at the same times as shown in the cloud. But when I position the slider at an event, the “No video as the selected time” is displayed. This problem occurs with both v2 and v3 cams (all updated to latest code - for the v3 cam located 30’ from where I currently sit). I have synced time. On most of my cameras, I have switched to continuous recording in order to get some benefit from my SD cards. I do not recall seeing any posts saying “my cams work just fine”, so my guess is that this is a problem with every cam. My next step will be to default the cam 30’ away and see if the problem persists.

Update: I formatted the SD card, and changed the SD recording option from ALL to Events. I went outside within view of the camera, then came back to see what was recorded. My parade showed up as an event in the cloud. When I tried “View Playback”, and event was listed at the same time in the horizontal event log". But as before, when I attempted to see that event, “No video …” was displayed. But a short while later, the event disappeared completely from the horizontal event log. My sense is that the initial display of the horizontal log shows events detected in the cloud (shown with actual durations), but nothing is actually recorded on the SD card. Next test: remove the SD card, try to read directly on my iMac.

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Update: the parade event shows up fine when I read the SD card directly on my old Macbook Air.
FYI when it rains, it pours. MacOS Ventura has a bug; can not recognize SD cards (at least not on my 2018 intel iMac). Another update: From another thread, I learned that when viewing an event recorded in the cloud (from the Events tab), one can touch Playback (looks like an SD card icon), That got me to what appears to be playback from the SD card, lasting at least a minute. Confusing but useful.