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It’s a joke… all they keep saying is it’s in BETA mode. Well… how long can it stay in BETA mode??? 5 yrs? They need to stop making more products before they can actually fix one of the MAJOR issues with their products!! Just think of all the money they are bringing in for a FAULTY website while they sit back and feed us the same BS line about BETA mode over and over without actually doing any work on the website issues itself. Guess we are the fools who fell for this poor service. It would be nice if they actually read any of these posts instead of just letting us b*tch and rant to take the strain off of their customer service reps. Shady AF if you ask me!

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Quick question, didn’t see any info in the FAQ - i shared cameras to my wife’s wyze account (she only needs to view our cameras). however, when she logged in to the site, it seems like it requires her to be on cam plus. are they really required to be subscribed to camplus too?

laurbolduc LOL I have been saying this for yrs. There is nobody working on anything except taking your money… [removed - politics] … Just stop buying their products… Switch to Roku same exact China stuff.

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Are you guys ever going to fix the live view on cam plus issues plus other connection issues or are we just going to keep getting told its in beta mode? I’ve been getting that excuse for almost a year now

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You could just add it to the Amazon App Store and let Android-on-Windows 11 pick it up for zero effort.


Thank you @mytechguy for very eloquently–and intelligently–explaining most of the fallacies in the previous comments.

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut as to not stir the pot or worse put myself in it. That last person though made it extra hard. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: Thankfully someone better and more patient than myself is fighting the good fight against “fake news” :laughing:

UPDATE “in the previous comments.” is incorrect. I was replying to comments waaaay back referencing cloud storage being faster AND safer. Universally for all users, wherever they live, on whatever system, using whatever ISP, with however large a combined load on said network…

Yes, I think that would be cool. I’ve used the Android version by installing emulation sw. However, the Win11 Android subsytem is much better. Not sure why this isn’t done already?

@lesshort how did you install the Wyze app? I got the Amazon app store and Windows subsystem installed but I do not see how to get the Wyze app? I was using Blue stacks but with the latest Windows 11 update, Bluestacks just won’t run.

Go here to learn how How to run Android apps on Windows 11: A detailed guide

Then go here to look for what apps you want

The Wyze app works on my PC. Some other apps do not, at least not on my PC.

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Thank you so very much!!!

No audio when playing back Events in Web View (PC running Win 11/Edge, Cam v3). If the same event is shared via the app (as a MP4) and played back on the same PC (Media Player), audio is present.

Is audio working for anyone in Events in Web View on Windows?

If this is (still) an issue, I suggest it be noted in the FAQ ( Wyze Web View FAQ – Wyze).

Wont work on Chrome Version 113.0.5672.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I spent some time a couple of weeks ago with customer service they said they would work on it but they also recommended using Google Chrome on “Private Mode”. I have had no issues with Wyze Web View ever since. I still have to log back in every 24 hours BUT I can work with that as long as it doesn’t kick me out every couple of hours or refreshes by itself and I have to hit play on every single camera again.

I wonder what it is about safari that seems to cause Wyze so many headaches

Still won’t play my live feeds, just still shots even after clicking the play button.

IP web interface

I was thinking it would be easier to view cameras and manage them over an IP web interface. I was thinking you could base this idea off of UniFi ubiquity cameras interface.

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Cam Plus added to two active cams - Live Stream isn’t working for either. Just a spinning circle over static thumbnails.

Also, the Events playback view is signficantly cropped.

Is there a fix for these issues?

Same here on all 6 Cams that used to work almost perfectly…

If you’re talking about the webview, I haven’t tried it recently, but a long time ago I used to use the following script in the tampermonkey extension in Chrome to help fix the webview cutting off part of the screen:

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Wyze Webview Improve Fullscreen
// @namespace
// @version      0.3
// @description  sets videos max height such that full screen videos top/bottom doesn't get cut off
// @author
// @license      MIT
// @match*
// @icon
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';

const style = document.createElement("style");
    style.textContent = "video { max-height: calc(100vh - 80px); }";


Back when I used it, that script forced the Wyze cams to display in the correct resolution on the webview without cutting anything off. I don’t know why Wyze doesn’t just program it to show the full view by default instead of cutting off the date/time. :man_shrugging:

Thanks. I’m using Edge and would rather not use extensions.

Currently about 20% of the vertical field of view is wasted so Wyze’s web view cropping doesn’t clip the area of interest. It’s unacceptable for a product that is supposedly out of beta.

On the plus side, the live stream issue I had seemed to be temporary, and live view has actually been fairly quick and reliable.