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THS “Typical Horse Stuff” unfortunately.

Wyze, will you replace my black V1 that bricked with your latest firmware update? Just send me a confirmation and send it to me At the address on file

Am i looking in the wrong place on my Alexa app on my Windows 10 Laptop?:


Nope that’s what I and a lot of people are getting. It worked fine for rhe first day or so (a month or two back).

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Interesting, I never tried from my PC before, just the app on my phone. Are you saying you used to be able to access camera streams on your PC this way? That would’ve been cool.

Yes. It used to work - IIRC, you could only stream one camera at a time, but it worked.


This will likely be a paid/subscription feature: "I'm Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby - AMA!" - Reddit Summary/Compilation

Part of CamPlus: "I'm Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby - AMA!" - Reddit Summary/Compilation


Yes. Discovery and discussion starts around here.

Wonder if it broke for everyone. :frowning:

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Amazon Alexa on m iPad Pro 12.9… at least it works in LANDSCAPE MODE !

Different status message on the iPad (Wyze - Live View Not Supported), than on windows 10 (Currently cannot be controlled from your PC)


If they do a solar panel I hope it’s better than the absolutely useless one that Arlo sells.

Can you please make a app


It’s on the roadmap but we don’t know when it will happen. I merged your post here.

Would love to be able to pull up all my cameras on my PC and Mac so I can monitor them all at without using my phone, and having it on a bigger screen. I know it has been requested, just getting another one out there.

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Welcome to the forum.

After nearly 3 years, >4400 votes and >2300 posts Wyze says it’s going to be developed BUT customers will have to pay for it.


And I most likely, will vote with my dollars, and seek other options that don’t have ‘WYZE” in the name if this does happen.


Per camera, no less. Remarkable.

Hey Angus, sure does resemble bait and switch doesn’t it?

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Contrary to @WyzeGwendolyn 's assumption, I am not very excited.



Major Fail!

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