Video Text Overlay

I’ve been using the Wyze Cam V2 since last year and I’ve been using it to keep a good eye on my pet Ball Python named Booka. I have the rtsp firmware installed and I send the feed through Blue Iris V5. Blue Iris has a wonderful feature that’s called Text Overlay that allows you to add text from a normal text file and it prints it onto the video. I have a Bluetooth Hygrometer/Thermometer that is paired to a raspberry pi that is running a python script that grabs the Temperature and Humidity that the device is sending out every 2 seconds then saves it to a text file that blue iris reads and prints on screen. This would be great for people who want to see weather or other stats from inside their home. Maybe this feature can be easily added with support to target and read a text file from a link or network map drive. I wanted to add a video to show my Wyze Cam V2 in action to show exactly what text overlay looks like and to show a video of my pet snake for Wyze Pet Detection that is coming soon. I just bought the V3 a few days ago and can’t wait for it to arrive, I probably won’t use it until it supports rtsp protocol but please make sure that Booka is recognized by the pet detection feature as he is a snake and that type of animal may not be on you’re road map, but people do have them. Thank you so much for anyone that reads this, if you have any questions just ask!

Subject: Put Camera name or any arbitrary text on video along with the logo & time/date?

Any plana to support the ability to place additional user defined static text overlayed on the video along with the current WYZE logo and the date & time information?


Have you considered having the camera name appear at the bottom of the recording between the WYZE logo and the date/time of the recording? It would be very helpful when cameras are in close proximity to one another.