Video recordings all freeze between 2sec and 10sec

As far as i can tell when you sign up for the plus it turns the cameras into junk. Now instead of taking video now it just takes a snap shot on some of them.

There is a weird situation that happens where instead of a video you get a single image/snapshot. I’ve seen that, but not too much lately. Wyze Cam Pan v1 and Wyze Cam v1 and v2 did that quite a bit for me. Don’t know reason, never really cared that much.

Do you mean a still image only like what you get if you do not subscribe to Cam Plus or a still image with the question mark/help in the lower right? Clicking the question mark brings up a “failed to upload” message with a submit log option.
If it is the latter, than yes, I have seen this intermittently for years, but it does appear to be happening more frequently, today in particular.

The latter – the question mark. You expect a video, you get a still frame. I suspect that if you have a card in the side of the camera, you can ‘view playback’ and hopefully see the event regardless of whether or not the camera could connect to the internet.

Has there been any progress on this? I’ve got 4 Cam Pan V2’s. Two of them on Cam Plus and two on Lite. Couple of them have an SD card. Same issue on all of them. Freezes for about half the playback, not always 2-10 seconds, sometimes starts right away and sometimes waits longer, but always happens unless I view playback from an SD card.

you know I just don’t see this happening with my Wyze Cam OGs. Anyone else? I just got back from overseas trip to replace a few more and put in wyze color bulbs where I had wyze plugs.

Hi. I have the Wyze cam pan and the v3. Both freeze between 2 to 8 or 9 seconds. This issue has been going on for weeks / months. I have sent in at least 5 or 6 recordings to Wyze. I don’t think anyone at Wyze really cares. No response ever! I loved Wyze but now I am going to buy eufy. Just FYI guys.

V2 Outdoor. Same issue. Opened ticket but agent was of no help. From what I am reading this has been happening for quite some time with no fix, but the agent seemed to be clueless regarding this problem. No response back after providing him with the data he requested.

I know someone that has Eufy camera and the picture was so clear when he zoomed in. I have Wyze Cam 3 and I zoomed in and the picture quality is blurry that I could not see someone’s face or license plate. Eufy takes about 3 seconds to notify but Wyze takes about 20 seconds to notify with 5 minutes cool down period. Eufy playback is so smooth, and Wyze cam playback does not work most of the time and the playback is definitely not great as the pictures skipped and definitely not smooth. I hope that Wyze can improve. I was hoping that Wyze V3 would have this improvement, but no. The picture quality zooming in is the same, the notification is the same, the playback quality is the same; so, nothing has improved. Overall, Eufy camera 2K seems to be better. I wanted to stay with Wyze as I already bought quite a few of Wyze cameras. Hopefully, Wyze can improve soon.