Video Jerks When Playing Back Video On Computer

When I download recordings to my computer from my iPad or iPhone the recording jerks terrible when I play them back on the computer. They play perfect on my devices just not on the computer. I can still watch the video and everything is legible but it is super annoying to watch. And not something I would have to present in court.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

This sounds like a codec issue you are experiencing. A codec is for encoding or decoding a digital data to make sure it plays smoothly. All my videos play on my pc and my device without an issue. Choosing a different video player may be the solution to your viewing problem.



That sounds very much like a CODEC issue, the translator if you will, that allows the video to play on your computer.

What OS are you using? Windows, Linux, Mac? Have you tried using VLC as the program to play the videos back?


I’m running WIN7 and using Windows Media Player to watch the videos.

By my experience, Windows Media Player falls short of the proper codecs to play the video clips. I use Real Player (RealTime) which supports almost any media file. It is a free player to download and use.


I agree with @StopICU33 Windows Media Player can work but often requires a CODEC pack to be added for best results.

Real Player is a good option as is VLC. Either should be able to play your videos with no problems.


I’ve downloaded VLC and it appears to be working properly. I’ll need to do some more testing to be sure.

Thanks everyone for your support.


You are very welcome! Let us know if we can help.

You’re welcome and glad it is working for you now.