Audio recording issue

Help! When I save a recorded video to my iPhone photo album my audio is not heard just shows me video, I made sure audio recording is ON. Any suggestions?

Hi, @jgabriel46 This has been an issue in the past. If I remember correctly, others have been successful downloading the video to a PC and using VLC to play the video and the audio worked. I think this is the only way to hear the sound. I know there are several threads here on the forum discussing this same issue. I will tag the other @Mavens and see if they have any other suggestions.

Thanks! If it’s been an issue I wish they would fix it…seems important.

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For some reason the default player on my phone would not play the audio , I changed my default player to VLC which was already installed on my phone, that’s how I solved the problem

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That is good to know. I knew using VLC in the past has worked for others. Thanks, HD. :+1:


I have the VLC app but how do you change default player to VLC on the iPhone?

I have no idea I have never owned an iPhone , a quick Google search will probably fix you right up with the answer

I just checked google unfortunately seems like phone needs to be jailbroken to do that, I hope someone has a solution or Wyze fixes this. Thanks for the input though guys!

If you transfer the video to a computer via Bluetooth or some other method , email it to yourself , plug it in, or there are other methods to transfer also .
Then you will be able to use VLC

You can click the share icon at the bottom of the video in your album and share it to the VLC media player. That works on my iPad.

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There you go , another method of transferring

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Shoot I didn’t even know I could do that :grinning:

I didn’t either until I just figured that out playing around with it. :laughing:

After clicking on share my option says “play with VLC”

Yep, it went straight to the VLC player and started working with the sound…easy solution. :partying_face:

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Great thinking that worked for me too! I still hope they fix it within their app. but thanks again guys! :+1:t3:

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I’m not sure it has so much to do with wyze , your playback relies on whatever player is on your device, it’s possibly these other players do not have the codecs necessary, with VLC all the codecs are imbedded in the app already and they are thorough , they don’t leave anything out.
I’m glad it’s working for you


You’re welcome, glad it worked for you as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Curious if you could provide a sample clip or tell us what step-by-step process you used on your iPhone to save the clip.

I “recorded” 3 clips using the app from 3 different SD card playbacks today, specifically to get the sound. All play back with sound from the iOS Photos app, no problem.

I also just downloaded a random 12-second clip from my events tab, and it had sound on my iOS 12 iPhone 6 also.

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