Video freezes at the same time each day, crashes app when trying to watch

One clip every day at 6:05 am. each morning (EDT) freezes my app.

When I try to watch the video at that time, my app crashes and I have to restart. Happens at no other time of the day. No other video clip freezes the app. This happens for BOTH the Event video (cloud) and trying to watch playback from the SD card. Same time, Same thing happens. The WYZE app is closed overnight so it SHOULDN’T be pinging the camera unless there’s some privacy leak going on. Password protection is in place. No broadcasting is allowed (not allowing discovery). It just this time every day. Any clue? Is there a system update that takes place at that time? Some sort of network query of the camera by WYZE servers? It just seems puzzling.

What is the trigger of the video everyday at that time? Do you know what the camera I doing? Is the camera restarting or power cycling? Have you tried uninstalling the app, restarting the device and then reinstalling the app?

Not an answer to the question, but why do think the cameras aren’t in constant contact with the Wyze servers at all times? They have to be in order to make themselves available for remote viewing, event uploads, time synch, et al. If your network settings are making it hard for the cameras to reach the Internet that might help explain the issue.

I think I figured it out: sunrise and the change from night vision to daylight. That clip flips between the two (I set it to auto) and I believe something is crashing the camera. It resets and starts recording again, but that seems to be the issue. Plus it’s happening later and later to coincide with the later sunrise.

So there is something in the camera’s firmware causing the crash. Now for a fix.

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Oh of course. The auto IR mode raises the IR filter out of the way when it’s light enough. There are lots of threads about that filter and its tiny solenoid malfunctioning.

That makes perfect sense. Fortunately the camera resets and works just fine for the rest of the day.

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