Reading clip causes Wyze app to Crash

Hi All,

I have this issue of reading clips from a few days ago. I click on the day and scroll backwards thru all the notifications to about 3AM at night to view (this is long involved process taking minutes each time). Then when I click on the 3AM clip, the Wyze app crashes.

Frustrating to view from a few days ago. Never seems to work.

I don’t know, but someone else has a similar problem every day at 6:05 AM. If you’re in different time zones it might be exactly the same issue?

The Beta app has been crashing on me for a few days, only when viewing event clips. Either with or without filtering the cameras, I view a few event Clips successfully and click the back button and the app disappears without warning. When facing a long list of event clips, the app formerly would take you back to the correct position in the long list of clips, and now it takes you back to the top of the list so I have to scroll more to get back to where you were. Presumably Wyze will figure it out and fix it in an update.