Video downloads on Android

Wondering if this occurs for anyone else… When I view the notifications, I tap on the play button, it opens up and plays the video but also shows a message saying “Downloading video clip”. What is annoying is it actually downloads the video clip to my phone and because I have Dropbox enabled for auto uploading, it uploads those videos to my Dropbox account.

It should just stream the video, instead of having to download. Any ideas or is this expected?

Yes this is how it works on my device as well. (Google Pixel XL) It also seems to create several folders for each of the different save/download options. (View playback, record video, take a picture ect.) I see this as with each new folder my phones’ Photos app asks me if I want to sync it to my google account.

That’s also the way it works on my phone and tablet. Got to do some cleanup of pictures and video after a while. However, google photos allow me to choose which folders to auto upload. Wonder if you have the same option with dropbox?

I have the same issue with a Pixel 2 XL and Google photos. Turned off auto backup but still downloading. My wife with same phone doesn’t have the issue.