Folder consolidation

Is there a setting I’m missing that forces all files downloaded to my phone to be in ONE folder and not a new folder for each photo or video, all with the same name. (I have multiple folders called “pic” and “video”.)

All files downloaded from the Wyze app, or from ALL apps on your phone?

Just from the Wyze app. Every time I download a photos and videos from the camera to my phone (Android, Pixel 2), it creates new folders with the same name. I now have a bunch of folders named “pic” and “video”. It’s super annoying because they don’t have a useful name, and moving files around is a real pain.

That IS odd. Are you seeing this through your gallery app, or through a file/folder viewer which shows the hierarchy?

The native Android “Files” app. And Google Photos is detecting them as different folders, so I think the effect is real, not just a GUI quirk. And identical folder names…that’s just odd. I don’t know if there’s any other app or Android setting that could impact this.

It might help to know that this seems to apply to photos and videos that I manually initiate as opposed to Events which don’t show up at all. Presumably Events are somewhere in local storage; they don’t appear to be in any of the “video” folders.

I have this same issue. and alert clips I view from the alert and pit into folders of their own. Ive been trying to figure out this quirk for a while. ( also android)

one thing that might impact it though. do you have your photos backing up on google photos automatically?

I get asked by Google Photos every time a new one is created, and I say yes. Next time I play with it, I’ll not answer on a few and see if that’s the issue.

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yup, I have auto back up on too. ill play with it tomorrow and post results. hopefully turning off auto back up will be a fix

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