Non viewable downloads

For about a week now, I keep getting this folder on my samsung with unviewable movies. Sometimes 1, sometimes a hundred and anywhere in between.

Is it something I’m doing wrong or…

Any ideas?

What are their sizes. Are you watching the events a lot?

They are like 1kb no data…

I watch events when I get a notification yes

One of my androids does this also. Check out this link. A lot of people are reporting it as well. Not sure if it’s designed that way or not.

I have to manually clean them.

for some reason your phone is recognizing the thumbnail cache’ as a gallery. basically I believe these to be the quick little thumbnails that you on the preview screen that show the last live view of that camera. being that small that is all I can think they would be. I haven’t had this issue, but I will do some research and see if I can’t find a solution.

I to am getting this. I watch a video and somehow it downloads onto my phone. There’s video and there’s just images, it’s really annoying that it’s happening.